WEBINAR: Enhance Your EVP With Impactful Benefits & Rewards to Support Your People This Festive Season

With the festive season fast approaching and both business and household budgets feeling the pinch, many HR and Business Leaders around the country are looking for ways to celebrate their people without breaking the bank. This, on top of the pressure to improve productivity and morale across a multi-generational, hybrid workforce, all while recruiting top talent in a restricted market - talk about a never-ending to-do list!

The good news? Leaders are embracing creative, efficient and low-cost ways to celebrate and connect their people through the spending season and beyond. Join us for a practical and interactive webinar as we go through some of the tools and strategies that HR leaders are using across leading Australian organisations.

You will learn:

  • Support employees’ financial wellbeing by maximising their disposable income and offering discounts on everyday and holiday expenses such as food, gifts, electronics and travel
  • Improve employee motivation and morale by delivering personalised, meaningful recognition and reward across a diverse workforce  
  • Give managers the gift of time by automating employee rewards and end-of-year gift-giving
  • Package and promote a compelling EVP to attract and retain top talent and set up your teams to support organisational growth

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