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Partnering with more than a thousand clients means we’re privileged to work with a lot of inspirational and forward-thinking people. As the VP of Client Success, my team and I are able to help clients turn their challenges into successes with our technology and human support, which makes me proud to say I work for Reward Gateway.

From time to time, I like to look at our online reviews about our SmartHub® employee engagement software on G2 Crowd. Here, clients offer real-time and unbiased user reviews, which companies can use to determine which products are right for them and their challenges. And currently, our employee engagement tools are rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and have won the following accolades:

  • G2 Crowd Spring 2018 Leader in Employee Engagement Technology.
  • G2 Crowd Spring 2018 Leader in Employee Recognition Technology.
  • G2 Crowd Spring 2018 Leader in Mid-Market Employee Engagement Technology.

And recently, we've received the G2 Crowd best-in-class distinction for a third straight quarter. I'm proud of that award because it comes from real reviews. So why choose us? I think when you're looking for a new tool, it’s simple: You have to choose a tool which aligns with your business needs and company values. Throughout this post, I’ll cover six key features that make up the whole of a successful employee engagement platform. Plus, we’ll dive deeper into our user reviews to uncover specific challenges which Reward Gateway has helped clients solve.

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Customize the way you want

Are you looking for a customizable employee engagement platform which your workforce will actually use? Our user-friendly platform, SmartHub® makes all the difference when it comes to engaging employees.

Our clients agree. One in particular appreciates the ability to easily customize and intuitively update the content and appearance of SmartHub®. This client also adds that the hub is “a valuable and versatile communication tool.” SmartHub® puts employee communication and engagement in the spotlight, and allows you to showcase on-brand content at any time with interchangeable tiles, like your internal communications blog or your employee perks program.

Keep communication on-brand

Connecting your employer brand to your employee engagement platform should be seamless.

With our SmartHub® product, clients are able to create on-brand hubs which align with their objectives, employer brand, color palette and style.

In particular, one reviewer has found success working with Reward Gateway to create a little Robot mascot named EmMA. This easily recognizable mascot helps shape the hub for employees and creates a sense of community. Plus, a mascot is a playful way to engage employees. One reviewer adds, “the Reward Gateway team have really embraced our brand and help us share the SmartHub® for our employees.”

Think of employee communications as multi-channel

Gone are the days of missing important email updates. Using open and honest communication in a central location helps keep your workforce engaged and informed. By adopting a tool that puts communication at the center, employees not only obtain but remember information better.

One of our clients values the “reach of communications to all employees to keep them better informed and connected to the wider business.” This is especially true for keeping global organizations connected who have employees throughout the globe, and better connecting everyone to their purpose, mission and values.

human employee engagement tools

Build your employee engagement strategy as a team

We believe that being involved in the set-up and design of your employee engagement tool is necessary so you’re happy with the end result. That’s why each client of Reward Gateway gets a dedicated Implementation Specialist who helps set up their unique hub the way they want it to look. Plus, there’s always room for tweaking down the road.

One reviewer emphasizes the two-way communication and implementation by saying, “I love that they do what they say they're gonna do. I love that you can go to them with a crazy idea and they say "We can do that" rather than "No sorry." This reviewer adds, “I love that they really try to understand what you're trying to achieve and help you realize that.”

Finding a true partner

Once you’ve implemented your employee engagement platform, having a success team is essential for increased usage and adoption. Adopting a tool without any sort of onboarding is less than ideal. Here at Reward Gateway, each client has a dedicated Client Success Manager who’s readily available to answer any questions or help fill requests in a timely manner, as well as a Client Support Team available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

As pointed out by a client who says, “excellent support and quick responses from the Client Support team, the design team and Chloe our Client Success Manager whenever we have questions or need help with a new tile or graphic.”

employee engagement data tools

Don’t forget to be data-driven

While there are lots of tools out there, a main challenge for organizations is finding a product which encompasses all of their needs in one place. On top of that, once you find the right tool, how can you make sure it’s being used? All clients gain access to analytics and reporting that prove the ROI with effective data.

One reviewer talks about the flexibility and control which goes along with the statistics, “I love that I have access to all the data and stats on how colleagues are using the platform so that I can get excited about how well the platform is doing.” Meaning, they can easily see which content is being read the most and then go into the platform and tweak the layout for things which need more visibility.

We hope that these six examples from our clients help make your decision easier when adopting a new employee engagement tool. There are plenty more reviews which you can see by visiting rg.co/g2crowd. Feel free to get in touch if you identify with any of the challenges and want to know more.  

Patrick Ahern

As the VP of Client Success, Patrick's guiding value is, of course, to Delight our Customers. He leads a team of talented Client Success Managers to work alongside clients to guide them on their employee engagement journey.

VP of Client Success

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