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We know that engaged employees are more productive and have a positive impact on business outcomes. But what truly helps employees feel motivated, especially during an ongoing pandemic, is a feeling of appreciation and connectedness. 

Unsurprisingly, organizations in various industries are seeking to increase productivity especially with more remote workers and dispersed employees, who are working on the front lines. 

In a recent survey with Gatepoint Research, we asked Senior Decision Makers from a variety of industries, including business services, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and more, about how their employee recognition tactics impact employee engagement. 

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59% of respondents agreed that ensuring their employees understood their role and felt recognized and valued is the top priority for increasing productivity. 

Although a “thank you” is powerful in the workplace, employee recognition is most impactful when it’s strategic and meaningful. To take your thank you to the next level, test out these three tips for strategic employee recognition

 Step one: Tell the action
 Step two: Connect to an area of focus or company value
 Step three: Explain the impact

What’s more, 53% of decision makers surveyed agreed that investing in people is among the highest organizational priorities. As we continue navigating these murky waters, it’s essential that we put our people first so that our businesses can come out stronger on the other side.

No matter which industry you work in, where your people are located or what role they have – one thing is clear. We need to connect employees to a higher purpose, recognize their hard work and demonstrate that we care about them.

To help you get started on your journey and find strategic ways to better engage your people, talk to an Employee Engagement Specialist today.

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Rachel Weeks

Rachel Weeks is the VP of U.S. Growth Marketing at Reward Gateway. When she's not spreading the word to HR professionals about the benefits of employee engagement solutions (which she loves doing!), she's spending time at her second job, driving her son to his sports and activities. Play ball!

VP of U.S. Growth Marketing

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