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Whether you love it or hate it, social media plays a vital role in modern business operations – it's a direct line to both existing and potential new clients or customers that can’t be undersold. Social media allows you to better establish your company name (and brand) and become instantly recognizable to a much broader audience.

But social media isn’t all about outright promotion – in fact, experts recommend mixing in non-promotional content, such as culture highlights and internal events (these are sneakily promotional) to show your followers that your business culture is bigger than your products. Statista reports that the U.S. sports over 302 million social media users, or 90 percent of the population. That means that your company has millions of opportunities every day to reach new people. Need some advice on how to use social media to get your brand out there and attract more attention? Try these seven creative tips.

Tips for a standout brand in social media
1. Promote benefits
2. Highlight culture
3. Showcase values
4. Share people stories
5. Amplify internal messaging
6. Recap events
7. Engage existing customers

1. Promote benefits

We’re proud of the world-class benefits we provide, and use social media to both promote existing benefits to current employees and to highlight benefits for prospective employees. Whether we’re creating reels that summarize our “Bring Your Dog to Work” benefit or video testimonials from employees highlighting their favorite RG perks, we keep benefits front and center on social media. We want to showcase our fresh, innovative and creative approach that delivers the best solution for all RGers across the world, in every stage of life.


2. Highlight culture

Our social accounts are more than just promotional channels for us – they are a way for us to showcase the great culture we’ve created. Whether it’s posting photos of our employees at internal celebrations, touring our offices, or live streaming on our Instagram Stories, social media is a way for us to highlight our “RG Magic.”

3. Showcase values

Our values are arguably the most important part of our business (and yours!), and we use social media as a way to amplify our values. You’ll often find our values in the captions of our posts explaining the ‘why’ behind everything we do. You might even catch us living our values in action with social campaigns designed around highlighting each one. #LoveYourJob

share employee stories4. Share people stories

We created an entire blog and video library dedicated to sharing our people stories on social media, called “Life at RG.” Featuring interviews on career journeys and advice to future employees, they serve as the perfect content to increase Employer Brand through the voice of our employees.

5. Amplify internal messaging

Our employee engagement hub – dubbed boom! – is where we centralize our internal communications. Although our communications live primarily on boom!, we have elevated them by sharing the most important news and updates on our social channels as well.

We treat our presence on social media as a public extension of our boom! engagement platform. This is our invitation to others into the world of RG, our mission, and our culture. We curate content each day of the week and invite everyone to follow along, like, and share with their networks!

6. Recap events

Through successful storytelling and photos, not only do we recap events, but we also get to share firsthand with candidates highlights of us living our Reward Gateway mission to make the world a better place to work. We also get to highlight the incredible work that our clients are doing in their organizations, as well.

7. Engage existing employees

We want RG employees to be proud of what we do, and we want to attract the top talent to join our mission, too! We know our employees are our greatest asset, and we also know their reach and impact are quite large. We create content for social media that is meant to be shared by not only the business, but our employees as well. We often share templates for employees to circulate on their own accounts and call on employees to engage in our posts. 

If our culture inspires you and you’re in the market for a new role, we have a variety of open positions and we would love to meet you. Check out our jobs page and help us make the world a better place to work.

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Klara Owens

Klara is passionate about spreading our mission to Make the World a Better Place to Work and connecting as many people as possible. With a background in Client Success, Klara has worked with our clients to enhance their EVPs and is now championing this internally at Reward Gateway.

Global Internal Communications and Engagement Lead

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