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I’ve just come out of another GBU buzzing as always, and more excited than ever by our progress and plans for the future. This quarter’s business update theme was ‘being human’, one of our 8 company values, and long-standing core philosophy of Reward Gateway.

It doesn’t sound like rocket science. In fact, it sounds downright obvious - we are all human, and why would we ever act like anything else.

But it’s amazing when you stop to take a closer look, how many of us in the corporate world are anything but.

Just picture an average day. How many times are you interrupted or distracted by someone who’s primary objective isn’t perfectly aligned with yours. How frustrating is it, to be pestered by some one who doesn’t listen or doesn’t understand?

We are all guilty of it. We babble features and numbers like they are going out of fashion, we talk about prospects and opportunities and database records. In the corporate environment, where the bottom line is everything, it’s easy to forget that we are all just people.

People don’t remember the pitch, they remember the experience. They appreciate it when you don’t try to sell, and appreciate it when you simply understand.

It’s nothing we didn’t already know. We’ve been practising this philosophy for years, but as Glenn said today, we’ve finally developed the confidence to identify with this value as one of the things that stands us apart and makes companies want to work with us.

Today we took steps to push ‘being human’ to the front of all our employees’ minds. To make delighting our customers goal number one, and be helpful to everyone whether they buy our product or not.

Being human is what we’re going to live and breathe going forward, more than ever before. After today, everyone at Reward Gateway appreciates that on both sides of every interaction and every conversation, there are two people that just want to be treated as human.

Charlie Taylor

Travel junkie, foodie, morning person, Disney fan! Charlie is Head of UK Growth Marketing and PR at Reward Gateway.

Head of UK Growth Marketing and PR

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