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At first glance, employee engagement can be quite ambiguous. Is it just smiling, happy employees or is there something more tangible? 

Taking steps to improve employee engagement is always a positive initiative for your business, but it’s a hard sell to your leadership team if you can’t see the impact of it. We see that come to life in statistics around employee retention, turnover, NPS scores and other key indicators that engagement is influencing business outcomes. 

But as we’ve said before, employee engagement is a marathon, not a sprint — it can take time to see the tangible value, time for the data to build up to be able to tell the story of your own engagement journey. But while the journey is well worth exploring, it’s all the individual moments from your people that make up your employee engagement story. 

That data, and those moments, are so much more powerful when you can see it unfold in real-time, and give you the power to shape your company’s future.

Well, now you can. 

analytics for employee engagement

Today, we introduced our industry-first SmartInsights Analytics Engine, which allows leaders and managers at the company to monitor and proactively manage employee engagement and experience from one, easy to navigate dashboard in the heart of their employee engagement platform. 

Our new analytics engine puts insights in the hands of the leaders who can influence change — your CEO can see at a glance the engagement levels in the business, and HR leaders can see what values are being lived out the most through real-time analytics on recognition activity. 

The suite of interactive dashboards reveals which combination of engagement drivers is having the most impact, so you can see how different groups of employees are interacting with company news and blogs, employee recognition and benefits. Plus, you can even segment the data to dig deep into team behaviour (or by location/department) to see how they’re participating in the company’s engagement initiatives. 

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Real-time insight, for real-time company changes

These new HR analytics for employee engagement make it easy to spot emerging star performers or highlight groups that may be in need of special attention or improvements. HR leaders can use the data to address engagement needs in real-time, identifying those opportunities to make meaningful and timely changes for their business. 

When data is put into the hands of those who can drive action, it will positively influence pressing needs such as low engagement levels, high turnover or customer dissatisfaction. 

We’ll be exploring how leaders can use engagement insights and analytics to see their culture in action, and how to spot relevant trends that will impact your business, in upcoming blogs. 

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the new Smart Insights Analytics Engine, or any of our other employee engagement tools, feel free to get in touch with our team: 

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Rob Boland

Rob Boland is the COO at Reward Gateway and is responsible for ensuring every client and employee has the best experience with anything Reward Gateway-related. He knows a ton about the rugby union and cricket, and can always be counted on to find the best places to watch the matches in London.


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