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An employee reward system that inspires and delights your people

The right employee reward and recognition programme creates meaningful and memorable moments for your people. Reward Gateway’s suite of reward and recognition tools ensures that the entire journey, from sending to redeeming recognition, delivers an amazing experience and helps employees feel valued, inspired and connected to your organisation.

Your people will experience the difference

Our innovative reward capabilities sit alongside our recognition tools to allow you to continuously celebrate your people in new and memorable ways. We offer a range of reward options and a world-class redemption experience to:

recognition with amazon

Deliver ultimate reward choice

Create meaningful employee reward experiences, including direct access to Amazon, for endless reward choices and speedy delivery

employees redeeming rewards

Eliminate reward markups

All rewards are provided at market pricing with no markup so that employees always enjoy the full value of their award

custom rewards for employees

Personalise the redemption experience

Tailor categories to create rewards unique to your company, including custom rewards and experiences that bring your culture to life

Create maximum impact with flexible reward redemption options

Our Reward Marketplace featuring Amazon presents an exciting, choice-filled experience for employees. All rewards are provided at market pricing, meaning employees receive the full value of your reward budget without any processing or admin fees. Awards and redemption options include:


Deliver instant e-gift cards for products, services and experiences to suit every lifestyle


Custom Rewards

Get creative with your rewards, such as lunch with the CEO, a free holiday or the front parking spot!


Enable employees to donate their award funds to the charity of their choice

Reward Pass

Provide global coverage with a Mastercard Prepaid Card (for markets outside of the UK, U.S. and Australia)

Never miss a moment with scheduled recognition and instant awards

Delight your employees on the days that matter most to them, such as tenure milestones or birthdays. Schedule recognition in advance, so you can approve all rewards on your own time, with confidence they'll be delivered on just the right day. Plus, on-demand, manager-to-employee awards empower managers to reward their team members or peers instantly. Strategic reward and recognition provides immediate reinforcement for behaviours or activities important to your company.

Complement employee rewards with strategic peer-to-peer recognition

Reward Gateway's peer-to-peer recognition products, such as tailored eCards, work alongside employee rewards so more people can feel appreciated for the hard work they do. Your Client Success Manager will work with you to design an overall recognition and reward strategy based on our proven reward and recognition framework, the Recognition Pyramid, to support your goals.


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"We used our platform to reward our staff for their incredible hard work and resilience during the height of the pandemic. Our people were able to spend their reward how they liked, and they loved that - especially at the moment when some might prefer to spend it on groceries or essentials, or others might want to treat themselves."

Group Director Communications and Customer Success at Mears

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