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Businesses across the world have taken continual hits from the pandemic, and while no industry has avoided these challenges, the retail industry has been hit particularly hard in the last two years. With repeated store closures and re-openings, changing guidelines, evolving restrictions and concern among employees who have to work in-person most days, retailers have had to find creative ways to support their employees and keep the business running during these tough times.

In the face of these challenges and amidst the emerging Great Adjustment, retailers need to find innovative and flexible ways to connect their people with the right employee communications tools.

retail employeesEmployers have an opportunity to not only provide stability to employees, but also strengthen their company culture and make their business a place where employees want to come to work.


One organization in particular, Dunelm reinvented its communications strategy in order to connect its dispersed employees and provide a single source of truth during the pandemic. Here's a little more detail around this strategy from Ben Waterfield, Internal Communications Manager at Dunelm:


To further inspire you and help you get started you on your journey, we've pulled together resources designed to help retail organizations attract, engage and retain their employees now and in the future. Visit our resource hub for retailers to uncover practical ways to connect, recognize and support your retail employees. Enjoy!

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Visit our resource hub

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