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Creating wellbeing challenges for your workforce just got easier.

MoveSpring, Reward Gateway’s employee wellbeing app, has released Challenge Templates to revolutionize the challenge creation process for program admins. What used to be a fully manual process – where admins were responsible for ideation through execution and follow-up – is now streamlined and simpler. 

We’ve been helping organizations run challenges for years, so we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes an employee wellbeing challenge successful. To make life easier for all of our program admins, we’ve distilled our learnings into a set of customizable templates that contain everything you need to run a challenge:

  • Challenge details, including a custom challenge images, descriptions, and suggested durations
  • Suggested default goals
  • Automated user communications

How to use Challenge Templates

Challenge Templates come in two types: General and Themed – and clicking into each template will provide a detailed overview of which modules are attached. 

Choose from a range of Challenge Templates, or create your own!

  • General templates represent popular challenge setups and can be run repeatedly.
  • Themed templates are more tailored to specific topics, such as mindfulness, gratitude or seasonal themes, which should be run more sparingly.
lightbulb-iconWant to create your own challenge from scratch? MoveSpring has you covered! Check out our Help page to learn more.

Once you’ve selected your template, setup is as simple as picking a start date and reviewing the included challenge set up. You can make edits to customize if desired, but for those under a real time crunch, you can use our default choices and create the challenge in just a few clicks.

Challenge Templates best practices

While using templates will save countless hours on challenge creation and management, you’ll still need to consider how to best use them for your group. For best results, follow these guidelines:

1. Plan ahead. A year is a long time within a business, during which priorities will naturally shift, but a rough idea is all you need to plan out a cohesive events calendar.

challenge-templates-types-min2. Apply balance. This balance applies to both the number and type of challenges. Create a mix of challenges throughout the year – daily hydration, sleep hygiene and mindfulness are non-stepping activities ripe for a challenge, for example – with breathing room between.

3. Build in breaks. Engage with your employees in other ways, such as through Monthly Step Goals and our always-fresh content on Explore. This allows them to take charge of their wellbeing journey based on their own interests and goals.

4. Accommodate for different abilities and interests. The diversity of the human experience means that engaging everyone takes diverse programming. For nearly any activity or behavior among a crowd, you will find some who are very good and interested, some who are so-so, and others who couldn’t be bothered. Meet people where they are by creating a mix of challenge types to balance activity challenges with habit-based challenges (like hydration, sleep hygiene or meditation). Admins can also set up the activity converter, which calculates any activity into the equivalent step count – including swimming, cycling, wheelchair use and more.

5. Keep challenges brief. In our experience, the longer a challenge runs, the less engaged employees become. As a result, our templates offer date ranges from seven to 40 days’ duration. For example, habit-based challenges – such as for hydration or mindfulness – are better in two- to three-week periods because users are required to manually input their activity. But for activity challenges like group races, a full month tends to be the perfect duration.

Interested to see how MoveSpring could fit into your organization’s employee wellbeing journey? Schedule a demo with one of our friendly experts and let us help you make your corner of the world a better place to work.

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Anna Zahm

Anna is an Associate Product Manager at Reward Gateway, where she helps to bring new wellbeing features to life. In her free time, she loves snuggling with her two cats (Toast and Blenky), singing in community choir, and spending as much time outside as possible.

Associate Product Manager

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