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Chapter 7

How Can Companies Reinvent Recruitment Strategies?

COVID-19 has raised many new recruitment challenges for companies. Where should companies put their recruitment efforts?

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The coronavirus has upended employment and recruitment as we know it. It has forced many businesses to close, and others to reinvent themselves and invest in new ways of working, while others have seen high-growth and a need to recruit top talent, quickly and efficiently.

Even as some companies start to reestablish themselves, it is hard to envision what HR will look like in a post-COVID-19 world. HR leaders are exploring new ways to ensure that their organizations are ready for the next stages of re-opening. How will they be ready, and how will they stand out? 

The steps that companies take now to improve their recruitment strategy will be essential for coming out on top post-pandemic.

So how can you reinvent your recruitment strategy and ensure the success of your business? 

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How to Prepare for Future Recruitment Success

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Focus on your current employees

While recruiting new employees may be a key focus, you can leverage the power of your existing employees to do so. Let them know if you are actively seeking new hires. Set up a reward program for anyone who refers candidates, such as a cash bonus or extra day off. By getting existing employees on board with your recruitment strategy, you will be better positioned to find quality applicants who will add to your company culture. 

Build a pipeline, and build connections

Unemployment in the U.S. is at record high, but no one knows how quickly that may change. This means top talent is out there. Shift your focus away from employed, passive candidates and instead capture the current market. By building a talent pipeline now, you can begin to build relationships with quality candidates and be better positioned to rebound when hiring resumes.

Enhance the candidate experience

A personalized candidate experience is essential if you want to stand out to top talent.

Take the time now to revisit your hiring flow and see what’s lacking. Ask current employees for feedback on how to improve your recruiting processes.

Adopt technology (like video interviewing and employee engagement platforms) to offer more personalized experiences to remote candidates, as well as current remote employees.

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Build your brand 

A company’s brand and Employee Value Proposition will play a critical role in its recruitment strategy. If you want a potential candidate to connect with your company, you will need to build a brand that stands out. Ask yourself:

  • What do you want new candidates to know about your company?
  • What components of your company will appeal to applicants?
  • Are your company values and mission integrated with your hiring flow?
  • What will candidates take away from your current website and social media accounts?

One way that employers can bolster their brand is by highlighting their employee recognition program.

Share moments of recognition on social media and with applicants during the interview stage.

This can show a more “fun” side of the company, and show off how much your organization values its employees. 

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Recognize the value of remote work

Workforce dynamics are changing, and remote work is here to stay. With millions of Americans now working from home, companies must be prepared to offer options to work remotely (even going as far as offering options for full-time remote working) in a post-pandemic world. From recruitment to remote onboarding to talent management, you must have the right systems in place to connect with employees, no matter where they are. 

Research shows that remote workers are often more productive than in-office employees, leading many companies to source more remote candidates.

By shifting your recruitment strategy to capture remote workers, you will expand your talent pool and reach even more high-quality applicants.

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