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Our EAP can reduce employee stress and boost wellbeing

Balancing the pressures of work with the needs of home and personal life can be stressful at times. Give your employees access to emotional, physical and mental health wellbeing resources offered by Health Assured – the UK’s and Ireland’s largest award-winning Employee Assistance Programme provider – right from their Reward Gateway platform.

Always-on support and educational content 

You can provide fully confidential advice, practical information, support and counselling to employees available around the clock with our EAP offering. It’s another way to show your people that they are valued and to help attract and retain employees. Our EAP helps to:

eap programmes

Support employee wellbeing

Give your people the support they need, when they need it most

reduce absenteeism

Reduce absenteeism

Minimise mental health-related sickness and absence with the right tools in place

examples of eap programmes

Boost your overall EVP

Strengthen your EVP with a valuable benefit for your people

Provide a library of wellbeing tools and resources

Our EAP can help reduce stress, boost wellbeing and encourage a healthier, happier workforce. The comprehensive library of wellbeing information covers:

Life support

Work-life balance

Physical health

Emotional health

Quick, confidential and there when needed

Health Assured offers a quick, confidential and highly professional way to resolve personal challenges, and is there whenever your employees need it. The EAP can help employers support their staff with issues such as mental health conditions, health and wellbeing information, stress at home or work, financial issues (including debt), family and relationship matters and consumer issues.

Support 24/7/365 for employees and their families

The Health Assured EAP service is available to employees and immediate family members. In addition to phone-based counselling and advice, employees can use both an online portal and smartphone app, accessible whenever they like, wherever they might be.

Health Assured offers different levels of covers such as Helpline EAP, Essential EAP and a Complete EAP package.


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"Our offline employees love that they can apply for salary sacrifice options on any device, at any time through our engagement hub. It's especially helpful to have a 24/7/365 help desk number in case employees have questions when we're not around."

HR Administrator at DB Cargo

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