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Help your people understand their full benefits package at a glance with a Total Reward Statement

Calculating and presenting each employee with their available benefits package and its full reward value could be a daunting administration effort. Our Total Reward Statement simplifies this process by automating calculations on benefits already managed by Reward Gateway. Plus, employees can see their own tailored benefits picture to understand the full value of their reward package.

Save time with our Total Reward Statement

Reward Gateway’s flexible and customisable Total Reward Statement helps save time with automated calculations to create an accurate and clear Total Reward Statement, each and every time, including:

total rewards statement example

Customisable benefits descriptions to complement your employer brand

Fully tailor benefit names, descriptions and supporting messages so employees fully understand the offerings

accessible total reward statements

Easy access to benefits info anywhere, anytime

Give your people (and your HR team) access to an easy-to-understand readout of the full value of their benefits quickly and easily

employee benefits examples

Show the full value with non-monetary benefits

Include non-monetary benefits to showcase your full EVP, such as volunteering days or a programme to help employees stop smoking

Help employees see the full picture

Employees can quickly understand the monetary importance of the benefits they've already applied for, and even get a closer look at what’s still available to them in the future. Our Total Reward Statement includes:

Insurance and pension

Non-monetary benefits

One centralised place makes benefits simple for employees – and HR

The right statement needs to include details for all employee benefits, no matter who provides it to accurately calculate the value of benefits. That's why we provide the option to upload details for externally-hosted benefits via our straightforward member upload tool alongside any benefits managed by Reward Gateway. Keep all your employee information centralised in one place to help reduce administrative burden.

Go beyond the pounds with non-monetary benefits

The best benefits packages are the ones that combine both monetary and non-monetary benefits, and address the employee experience at (and even outside of) work. That’s why our Total Reward Statement taps into how employers support financial and mental wellbeing with options to display benefits such as flexible working or ‘bring your pet to work’ days!


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HR Administrator at DB Cargo

"Our offline employees love that they can apply for salary sacrifice options on any device, at any time through our engagement hub. It's especially helpful to have a 24/7/365 help desk number in case employees have questions when we're not around."

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