Unbeatable employee perks that actually save your employees’ money

Reward Gateway offers the No. 1 employee perks program in the world, through the highest discounts at hundreds of retailers which helps to extend the salary of your people. Employee discounts and perks are a simple way to bring better benefits to your employees – and you don’t need to find the kind of budget associated with a business-wide pay increase. 

Our employee discounts scheme can help you:

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Deliver relevant perks

Show your employees your appreciation through meaningful perks

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Save employees money

Save your people money on everyday purchases and big-ticket items, plus Cashback

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Boost your overall EVP

Attract and retain top talent with perks that extend their disposable income and help their families

Our employee perks solution includes:

The highest discounts rates in the industry

In-store and online instant vouchers

Easy reloadable cards

Generous employee cashback

Unbeatable employee perks

Our program is 100% retailer independent and passes the full discount rates to your employees. Plus there’s no cost to you or the employee for card or voucher delivery, and there are no restrictions on Cashback. Giving your employees the most value is our top priority. What you see is what you get.

Customise your program for big impact

Your programme will be the most customisable available. We’ll work with you to design a programme that is fully tailored to your employer brand and matches your message and colour palatte. You can also decide to include retailers you already work with, or block ones you do not want included. Plus, employees can access their perks in the palm of their hand with a branded, mobile app.

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“I'm immensely proud of our engagement platform. Employees are saving over £600,000 a year. Every time I log on to 'myENGIE,' I have a visual reminder of everything our small team has accomplished over the last few years.”

Benefits Manager at Engie UK

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