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Engaged employees build better, stronger and more resilient organisations. 

Reward Gateway is culture and client driven. We’re obsessed with putting the “Human” in HR and are proud to have been 100% dedicated to HR for over a decade. Since 2006, we’ve been right by the side of the world’s most innovative HR people, giving them beautiful products and tools that they can use to attract, engage and retain their people.

The world’s most successful companies treat their people differently. They generate stock market returns of twice their peers and they have half the employee turnover. 76% of CEOs recognise that employee engagement is vital to their success but only 24% say they have a highly engaged company. Bridging that engagement gap is what drives us.

Our Mission

We know that engaged employees build better, stronger, more resilient organisations. Bridging the engagement gap between employers and employees leads to people being more productive, more innovative and able to make better decisions – because they are engaged. We’ve built upon our success from our spot as the No. 1 employee benefits provider to now delivering the leading employee engagement platform, something which we’re incredibly proud of. Our mission is to make the world a better place to work and The Engagement Bridge™ model is the strategy that makes that possible.

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Our People

As the leading employee engagement platform provider in the UK, clients and our own people rightly hold us to the highest standards on engagement practice and company behaviour. The engagement of our own people is fundamental in providing our clients with possibly the best levels of service in the industry. The more connected our own employees are to our mission of making the world a better place to work, the better we’ll understand how to help our clients connect their people with their own mission. When you join Reward Gateway, you’re joining a world class team.

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Our Products

No two companies are the same and we have built huge degrees of customisation and flexibility into our products. Uniquely, we have targeted employee communications, employee recognition and employee benefits including employee discounts, wellbeing, salary sacrifice and payroll benefits all on a single technology platform. That gives you rock solid security, beautiful usability and end to end employer branding. Anywhere and on any device.

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Our Progress

We’ve been working towards making the world a better place to work for 10 years, and since then, we’ve done some things we’re proud of, like making the Top Track 250, and having a two-time EY Entrepreneur of the Year as the founder of our organisation. And we’re proud that our clients have won dozens of HR, Benefits and Engagement awards whilst using our technology. As we grow and innovate, we’ll continue to add more “Wow Moments” to our list. Watch this space, since as they say: The best is yet to come.

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