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Employee engagement surveys help turn insights into action

Gain a solid understanding of what your employees need and believe with surveys that help spark positive change. Our full suite of surveys are proven and tested across the globe to fuel business strategy. Discover your employee engagement benchmark score with our unique Engaged Index™ and then dig deeper into specific topic areas with employee experience surveys that are easy to complete and administer.

Deliver employee surveys as flexible and varied as your people

Surveys that are built to meet the unique needs of your organisation can be a valuable tool to measure progress toward your individual engagement goals, and the goals of your business as a whole. Our employee surveys can help you:

Track employee engagement

Benchmark and track employee engagement

Our Engaged Index helps identify areas at risk of turnover, presenteeism and low morale

Listen to employee feedback

Listen to more employee voices to uncover honest feedback

Give your employees the microphone through surveys to help them feel heard, respected and valued

Segmenting data

Segment surveys to capture the right details

Target specific employee groups by department, location or role to gain even more insight

Reduce churn and improve engagement with effective employee surveys

Results from employee engagement surveys give you the data you need to respond to issues you may not even be aware of, reducing the risk of employee turnover or presenteeism. Our employee engagement software includes:

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Custom survey builder

Customise your own survey on any topic you want from top-to-bottom in content and tone


Employee NPS

A one-question, pulse-style survey designed for frequency and high response rates

employee_benefits_ information

Survey templates

An evolving library of expert, editable survey templates

The right data to uncover your greatest people needs 

Using employee surveys effectively can help you understand what areas of employee engagement your organisation should invest in to see the biggest impact. Our surveys are based off of our 10-step strategic model to employee engagement, the Engagement Bridge™, which has helped more than 2,000 clients achieve greater engagement.

Prove ROI of employee engagement initiatives 

You’re committed to improving employee engagement at your organisation, but it can be hard to determine if your employee engagement programmes are actually working. Bring your leadership team tangible results from employee surveys to boost credibility and tie analytics to engagement programmes, investments and goals.


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Caroline Shine

Group Head of HR at GANT, UK

"At GANT, we’re on a journey to become the best employer by 2020, and it’s vital we have a tool that helps us to benchmark where we are on that journey at any point throughout the year. Reward Gateway’s employee surveys tools enable us to listen to how our employees are feeling and then react quickly."

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