Salary deduction schemes help your people stretch their salaries

Reward Gateway salary and net payroll deduction programmes are fully customisable, employer-branded and integrate into an employee benefits portal for a seamless transition that your employees can access from a single login. Tax savings from salary deduction schemes can help you potentially fund other benefits or HR initiatives, with minimal overhead costs, while helping your employees save money on products and services covered under the programme.

We make salary and net payroll deduction easy

Streamline and simplify your salary and net deduction benefits with Reward Gateway's exclusive central administration hub. You’ll enjoy:

Choose your package

Automated pre-approval option

Eliminate manual approvals with auto-approval options for any Reward Gateway salary deduction or payroll benefit, along with pre-defining company limits and allowances

Reuse payroll

Centralised benefit payrolls

Create your payroll just once, and reuse across any Reward Gateway salary sacrifice or salary net deduction products

Visibility over scheduled windows

Easy window management

Your HR and payroll admins have visibility over current or scheduled windows for benefits through Reward Gateway, plus they can manage from one place with a simple drag and drop calendar

Fast, flexible offerings that make a meaningful difference

Automatic approvals ensure employee applications are approved instantly, saving HR administration time, and getting support to your employees faster. Our salary and net payroll deduction programmes include:

Easy administration with one benefits portal

The Reward Gateway benefits administration platform makes delivery of salary and payroll deduction benefits fast and simple. If you have more than one salary deduction product (e.g. Holiday Trading, Cycle to Work, Childcare Vouchers) with Reward Gateway, manage them easily from one place.

Get support on your engagement journey

Our clients love how easy our programmes are to administer and manage, but no matter how big (or small) your team is, we’re here to help you on your journey. From a dedicated Client Success Manager to an implementation team and 24/7/365 employee support available, we’ll be by your side to help your employee benefits schemes succeed. Through your benefits portal, we’ll provide you with a deduction report every payroll period to help reduce administrative burden, or you can download one on-demand.


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"Our offline employees love that they can apply for salary sacrifice options on any device, at any time through our engagement hub. It's especially helpful to have a 24/7/365 helpdesk number in case employees have questions when we're not around."

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