A tailored employee reward and recognition platform to support everyone

Our customised reward and recognition platform helps create a culture of continuous recognition and appreciation across your entire business. Empower everyone, from your frontline employees to your Leadership Team, line managers and everyone in between to celebrate contributions that drive your business forward through multi-directional reward and recognition that aligns to your mission, values and employer brand.

Make employee recognition a central part of your company culture

Use an innovative reward and recognition scheme to continuously recognise your people in new and memorable ways. Our recognition platform helps you:

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Celebrate daily success

Showcase individual and team achievements with meaningful moments of recognition and reward

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Recognise and reward in the moment

Create a culture of continuous recognition with on-the-spot awards or Boost accessible anytime, anywhere

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Boost connections and visibility

Help your people feel part of your mission, purpose and values while highlighting behaviour that influences business goals

Create an employee reward and recognition solution just right for your people

Whatever combination of employee reward and recognition programmes you choose to implement, we’ll help you create a recognition strategy tailored to improve employee engagement at your organisation. We offer:

Branding and tailoring make reward and recognition shine

Deliver a reward and recognition platform with your colours, style and your brand elements that make your company stand out. We’ll work with you to design personalised, custom eCards, special greetings and unique awards that reflect your culture and values. Each and every moment of recognition will be designed to put a smile on your employees’ faces.

Reimagine the reward redemption experience

Provide employees with personal and meaningful rewards quickly and easily. In addition to hundreds of instant e-gift cards, experiences and company-branded redemption options, our seamless integration with Amazon guarantees unlimited reward choice, fast delivery, and hassle-free returns or exchanges. Plus, rewards are provided at market pricing, with no markups – ever!


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“It’s really, really helping those leaders and managers who can’t be everywhere at every one time connect with people in other locations. We’ve got employees all around the world and leaders wanting to recognise them, so it’s brilliant to be able to message and recognise them on the go, from wherever they are.”

Talent Acquisition and Employer Communications Manager at Charles Tyrwhitt

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