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Holiday Trading offers choice to suit everyone's lifestyle

Holiday Trading is a benefit that allows eligible employees to trade in holiday allowance for cash or exchange cash for extra days of holiday. By empowering your employees to have a flexible holiday calendar, Holiday Trading can help improve the work-life balance of your people and create an engaged, happy and positive workforce by adding to your overall Employee Value Proposition.

Boost your overall Employee Value Proposition with a benefit to make your people smile

Centralise benefits

Centralise salary sacrifice benefits

Administer Holiday Trading alongside your other salary sacrifice benefits in one, centralised platform

Boosting employee productivity

Boost employee productivity

Give your employees a choice in what motivates them – more holiday, or more take-home pay

Attract top candidates

Be a standout employer

Attract top candidates with a universally appealing benefit that all can enjoy

Stand out as an employer of choice

Holiday Trading can help attract and retain top candidates, while supporting your employee engagement strategy to create a motivational environment for your people. Holiday Trading includes:


Personalised allowance for each employee


Two-tier order approval


Real-time order value calculation


Customisable application windows

Easy administration in one, centralised platform

The Reward Gateway benefits administration platform makes managing salary sacrifice and payroll deduction benefits quick and simple. If you have more than one salary sacrifice product (e.g. SmartTech™, Cycle to Work, Childcare Vouchers) with Reward Gateway you can consolidate them all in one easy to use platform.

Flexibility and choice promote a healthy work-life balance

Employees able to buy extra days of annual leave have greater freedom to spend time doing what they love. Whether that's spending more time on holiday, home with the family or on personal projects outside of work, employees can balance work and life when they have more time off. Plus, they’ll associate those happy memories with the ones who made it possible - their employer.


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"Our offline employees love that they can apply for salary sacrifice options on any device, at any time through our engagement hub. It's especially helpful to have a 24/7/365 help desk number in case employees have questions when we're not around."

HR Administrator at DB Cargo

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