Reimagine the reward redemption experience with Reward Marketplace

Reward Marketplace presents an exciting, choice-filled experience for employees that helps create memorable and meaningful reward moments. Satisfaction is guaranteed when employees choose exactly what they want from a vast array of experiences, retail items, travel opportunities, company-branded redemption options and more.

What’s in store for your employees?

Make our Reward Marketplace uniquely yours with its own name and branding, complete with custom company rewards your employees will love. The impactful reward programme from Reward Gateway offers:

Amazon delivery

Zero delivery delays with Amazon

Ensure delight with Amazon delivery and instant gift cards so employees don’t have to wait for their special reward

Happy employee

Unlimited choice and flexibility

Empower employees to select any type of gift, including custom rewards unique to your organisation

Instant voucher example

No reward markups or fees

No markup on prices means employees always receive the full award value

Reward Marketplace redemption categories

Transform the reward redemption experience by giving employees the gift of choice. Our Reward Marketplace offers a variety of redemption options to employees, including:

e-Gift Cards

Deliver instant e-gift cards for products, services and experiences to suit every lifestyle

Charitable Giving

Empower employees to donate their award funds to the charity of their choice

Reward Pass

Provide global coverage with a Mastercard Prepaid Card (for select markets outside of the UK, U.S. and Australia)

Employee reward redemption that delivers

Provide employees with meaningful rewards quickly and easily. In addition to hundreds of instant e-gift cards, our seamless integration with Amazon guarantees fast delivery and hassle-free returns or exchanges. As always, all rewards are provided at market pricing, meaning employees receive the full value of your reward budget.


A time-saving programme your HR teams will love

Deliver impactful rewards without the hassle (or countless hours) for your programme administrators. The Reward Marketplace includes a catalogue live feed (for up-to-the-moment reward selections), 24/7 employee support, delivery and return management and real time reporting, ensuring a best-in-class employee experience.


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"We used our platform to reward our staff for their incredible hard work and resilience during the height of the pandemic. Our people were able to spend their reward how they liked, and they loved that - especially at the moment when some might prefer to spend it on groceries or essentials, or others might want to treat themselves."

Group Director Communications and Customer Success at Mears

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