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brand integrity acquisition

2 min read

Since becoming CEO of Reward Gateway, we’ve had a number of exciting moments and big days here, but today marks one of the biggest as we announce the acquisition of Brand Integrity.

Based in Rochester, NY, the 15-year-old employee engagement company has a unique approach that’s complementary to RG’s in helping clients achieve their employee engagement goals through a combination of strategic employee recognition, engagement measurement and workplace culture expertise.

This alignment makes it easy to welcome them to our family, as we unite with a shared mission to make the world a better place to work.

(Funny enough, Brand Integrity’s mission was almost word-for-word what ours is — talk about a great match!).

I’ve enjoyed getting to know and collaborating with Gregg Lederman, Brand Integrity’s CEO and our new Advisor, and many of the other employees at Brand Integrity over the past few months. Through our work together, it was abundantly clear that asking them to join the RG family was a natural choice for us, for them and for you. The team at Brand Integrity delivers the absolute best to its clients and substantially enhances our ability to fulfill one of our most important values: Delight our Customers.

engaged employees

To our Brand Integrity customers, we want you to know that every single RGer across the globe, is here to listen and to help you achieve your employee engagement and recognition goals. For current RG customers, new insights and innovations developed from collaboration with our team members from Brand Integrity will help us to Push the Boundaries in supporting your engagement objectives as well.

Growing a business takes careful consideration and sometimes difficult choices, but this decision to combine with Brand Integrity and to bring together a world-class team of employee engagement experts to support our clients globally was one of the easiest I’ve had to make.

On behalf of the whole Reward Gateway team, I’m thrilled to announce the next step in RG history, and can’t wait to see what this journey will bring all of us.

Doug Butler

Doug Butler is the former CEO of Reward Gateway. He has visited 49 out of 50 states in the USA.


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