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The Aussie podcast market is one of the fastest growing globally, with over 1.6 million Australians working this medium into into their daily or weekly routine as a regular dose of entertainment or education. 

So if the winter weather has got you feeling a little less inspired, or you need something new (and free!) – to keep your mind from freezing over, podcasts might be the boost you need. Here are our top HR podcasts to listen to, whether it's during your morning run, your commute to the office, the drive to school drop off, or while you're preparing a hearty casserole for dinner:

 HR Works
 Dear HBR
 The Press Room from Deloitte Insights
 Humans of HR
 This Working Life
 HBR Ideacast

HR Works

hr-works-logoLooking for a quick way to catch up on the latest HR trends and news? This podcast provides its listeners with relevant and engaging information on important and sometimes difficult topics. The episodes range from a '5-minute Friday' series, where listeners can find HR inspiration to end their week strong, to full length 50-minute episodes that include actionable steps to take in the workplace.  

Dear HBR


In this advice column style podcast, Harvard Business Review editors Alison Beard and Dan McGinn respond to listeners’ workplace problems and offer possible remedies. Using their own experience, research and expert guests, the co-hosts provide guidance that is universally applicable in these 30-minute episodes.

The Press Room from Deloitte Insights

deloitte-insightsIn this podcast, host Tanya Ott interviews thought leaders and change makers on developments in business strategy, emerging technologies, growth, innovation, performance, sustainability, talent and more. Episodes run for about 30-minutes and cover a range of industries and topics – from how to cultivate diversity, equity and inclusion to cloud computing and technology trends. 

Humans of HRhumans-of-hr-logo

Not just a podcast show but also a 'social movement,' Humans of HR responds to challenges people are facing every day at work. Its hosts, David Guazzarotto, Michelle Farrar-Eagles and Jared Cameron, tackle a variety of topics in this conversation-style podcast, from HR trends to diversity in the workplace to the future of work.

This Working Life

this-working-life-logoAn informative and insightful weekly listen from the Australian arm of ABC Radio. Lisa Leong helps navigate the world of work through a lens of optimism, hope and helpfulness. From the quirky to somewhat controversial, Lisa interviews experts on the ideas, experiments and fast failures that listeners can apply to their own careers. 

HBR Ideacasthbr-ideacast-logo

Hosted by Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch, both senior editors at Harvard Business Review, this weekly podcast features business leaders from around the world as they share their insights on business and management. Each episode features a different guest speaker as they discuss their careers and lessons they’ve learned.

We hope that you enjoy these podcasts, and that they give you some ideas to take with you to your business. Stay tuned for part two, where we’ll offer our top HR reads for this winter, and subscribe to our blog for the latest tips and tricks to help you connect, recognise and support your workforce.

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Liana Moore-Butler

Liana is a Digital Content Specialist at Reward Gateway and wears multiple hats daily to support the global marketing team. She is a proud cat mom to two fur babies, Kai and Moki.

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