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You’ve got the employee discounts, you’ve got the employee recognition tools, maybe you have a whole suite of initiatives that you’ve cooked up.

But for some reason, your employees don’t engage with them anymore.

They’re on the shelf gathering dust and it’s time you gave them a bit of a shake.

For many HR Teams, they quickly see how the sporadic nature of their offerings has led to a downward trend in engagement. That’s because they require employees to remember multiple usernames, passwords, and litter the bookmark bar on their browser with every site they need to visit.

An employee engagement platform which brings everything together into one single place is exactly how Reward professionals are combatting this. A new platform isn’t the final answer on how to get your employees engaging with their benefits like they used to, but it’s a start.

Once you’ve got a new platform in place you need to parade it to your employees with an exciting launch that will grab their attention. Here’s how:

Add a new twist to your benefits brand.

Finding a platform that offers full end-to-end customisation will give you a unique opportunity to fully brand your benefits with something memorable for your employees.

Sensis, an Australian digital marketing agency, used this approach to launch their engagement platform for their 1,200+ employees under the name “Ernie,” a nod to the organisation’s many mascots.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.29.09 PM.png

And have a little fun with it, too. Try working with a design team to customise your platform to resonate with your employees. Sensis embraced their playful, creative mindset with their platform.

Use your knowledge to drive through communication channels.

No one knows your workforce better than you. You likely have collected demographic information that helps you think of what your workforce would really be interested in. Use that to your advantage. You’ll have a great insight on the employee communication channels that will work for your people and, importantly, what won’t. For instance, if your workforce is mostly made of millennials, expanding your creativity on social media channels might work better than for an offline workforce that rarely signs onto Facebook!

Reinforce ease of use and mobile access.

Once you know the communication channels you want to use, you need to hammer home the positives of the platform. All of your benefits should now be in one central place, so shout about it. You should have a platform that is optimised for use on any device so demonstrate it working on a smartphone or tablet.


Find Champions within your workforce.

Word-of-mouth is one of the most compelling ways to gather excitement around a new idea, and that’s exactly what having Champions within your workforce will do. They will act as advocates for the re-launch and excite people with the prospect of a new place to access all of their benefits. Champions are ideal for reaching offline demographics, too, and can interact with those employees much more than an email can.

How have you reinvigorated a stale benefits brand? If you're in need of ideas, we can help. Get in touch with one of my colleagues below to get started.

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James Edwards

James is our Global Director - Implementation & Support. He is committed to creating an environment where each team member's unique skills and qualities are used to support our clients' success.

Global Director – Implementation and Support

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