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Welcome back to the next instalment of Products Innovations, where we share with you a quarterly overview of our latest product developments and improvements to our suite of employee engagement solutions. In case you missed our last instalment, you can check it out here. As we continue to navigate new changes in where we're working, we've evolved our product to continue to support remote working alongside preparations for returning to the office. 

 Here's a look at our product improvements from last quarter:

Product update

We’re always open to feedback on ways we can improve our offerings for our clients. Please feel free to reach out to me directly on LinkedIn or, if you’re already a Reward Gateway client, let your Client Success Manager know so we can be sure to hear your suggestions. 

Until next time, 

Rob Boland
Chief Operating Officer

Rob Boland

Rob Boland is the COO at Reward Gateway and is responsible for ensuring every client and employee has the best experience with anything Reward Gateway-related. He knows a ton about the rugby union and cricket, and can always be counted on to find the best places to watch the matches in London.


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