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Global retailer improves improves company culture through recognition offerings and more 

How GANT improved its Culture Index by 9% and decreased turnover by 29% following survey results

GANT UK is a clothing retailer with locations in Ireland, UK and more. The organisation needed to find new ways to connect employees to the business and to one another, so GANT began to look into how recognition, benefits and surveys tools could support its company culture.

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Employee discounts, employee recognition, employee surveys

The challenge:

Caroline Shine, Head of HR and People Development at GANT UK, which is a European retail company, needed to get to the bottom of what her people really wanted. After putting together an employee survey, she received fantastic feedback about where the company was when it came to teamwork and customer service, but clearly highlighted areas of improvement, including reward and recognition, learning and development. 

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With no other HR department in other countries besides the UK, the teams felt like they were working in silos and not doing enough to improve the candidate experience and attracting employees to their brand. 

The approach:

To accomplish both the goal of implementing a unique and exciting benefit for employees, and further aligning their spread out workforce on a global level, Caroline turned to Reward Gateway for a cost-effective solution. She worked with Reward Gateway's design team to create a recognition program with eCards aligned to the company values of being authentic, innovative and passionate, as well as an employee benefits program and instant monetary awards.

To better the survey capabilities, GANT UK also uses Reward Gateway's survey solution, which gives instant feedback through a pulse-style survey. 


The results:

GANT UK set a goal to become the best employer in their industry by 2020. In addition to the Reward Gateway products, the organisation has rolled out other incentives, such as a day off for people's birthday, increased paid volunteer time and increased parental leave, too. 

The pulse-style survey shows Caroline's team that they're on track with engagement initiatives, with a plus-50 score, and the organisation is looking into more offerings such as technology and fitness benefits. 

Since working with Reward Gateway, the total spend has been nearly $366k, with a savings of nearly $33k. Notably, the organisation has also seen a reduction in turnover by 29% and an increase in their culture index from 31% to 40%

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