WEBINAR: The Business Case for Benefits and Recognition: Securing Budget Approval and Buy-In

Our recent Australian Talent & Engagement Report revealed that one in three employees are looking or intend to look for work in the next year. Cost of living pressures, burnout and stress are pushing many employees to look to greener pastures - ones with higher salaries, better benefits and greater recognition.

Remaining an employer of choice is more important than ever amidst a competitive job market and economic uncertainty. 

But with increasing costs of doing business negatively impacting budgets, how can you secure investment and executive buy-in for key employee engagement programs to enhance your EVP? 

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover:

  • The state of benefits and recognition in the workplace, highlighting their profound impact on employee engagement, productivity, wellbeing and retention
  • Best practices and strategies to overcome resistance and scepticism, with practical tips for presenting a compelling case for benefits and recognition that resonates with executives and decision-makers
  • Specific client examples where organisations have successfully secured investment for benefits and recognition programs
  • Insights from our recent research to support your business case 

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