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There are 5 key building blocks for a successful digital experience: Useful, Usable, Desirable, Sustainable and Social. The first two are the most crucial, especially when our objective is to engage the user and get them to actually do something.

So what does this mean when implementing a new benefits programme? How do we translate those building blocks into everyday practice? 

Start with the content

What is the objective of the programme? What is the story you're trying to tell? What are we trying to get users to do? The content has to be relevant to the person viewing it, and equally has to align with your business strategy. Whatever's most important that quarter should be the most prominent feature of the page or programme.

Jargon concept.Think about the language

We often fall into a trap of using 'HR' words, phrases and, worst of all, acronyms! But will they mean something to every single user of that programme? Probably not. So the golden rule is: avoid jargon. Keep it simple. Put it in layman’s terms.

For example, what does Holiday Trading mean really? It's about having more flexibility over your work/life balance. Cycle to Work - keeping fit while saving on a new bike. eCards - saying thanks to your peers for their support or hard work.

Think of the user journey

Each time a user has to click through to a new page to get somewhere, there's a chance they will abandon that journey. If you want more people to read or action something, keep the journey short and simple. They should be able to get the information they're expecting from one click, no more. 

Only then, plan the visuals

Once you’re happy with your content and your language, you can start to build a framework for your pages and plan where you may want supporting imagery. We all absorb information in different ways so any visuals must relate to the content, otherwise it simply won’t make sense to the user. From an aesthetic point of view, try to determine a visual style and then stick to it - it will not only look better but also help embed your benefits brand. Here's an example of one client's eCards below, where you can see their food-related theme shine through: 


This can all seem daunting, but these are the questions we ask ourselves every day when creating a new benefits programme, or relaunching an existing one. We deliberately created our Employee Engagement Platform as a collaborative tool to allow maximum flexibility and creativity, but don’t feel you have to go it alone - we’re here to help every step of the way as your masterpiece evolves. Click the "Contact" button in the right hand corner of your screen to get in touch with us. 

Joanna Martin

Joanna formerly led the Implementation Team, whose job it is to look after new client launches and make them amazing.

Former Implementation Team Lead

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