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How Henley Properties Group connects its workforce with employee communications tools

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Over the past few months, businesses of all sizes have been looking for new ways to improve connections and communications across their workforces.


Henley Properties Group, a Reward Gateway client, had over 550 employees working across its state-based headquarters, construction sites and display centers in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Australia. While the majority of the workforce was familiar with working remotely or with dispersed teams, the pandemic introduced new engagement and communication challenges. 

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Finding ways to connect and to strengthen culture across the dispersed workforce during an uncertain time became a big focus for Henley’s People & Culture Team. The team committed to increasing blog frequency on the company’s engagement platform, the 'Henley Hub,' and took the opportunity to refresh the homepage design to make it more inviting and exciting for employees to log in, read and engage with the content. 


Emily Day, People and Culture Advisor at Henley Homes says, 'We can confidently say Henley Hub is the one place employees can go to find what they need. When somebody comes to us with an important update or an idea that will help other employees at work, we’re able to publish it really quickly and easily. It gets them excited to see it and share it, which means people are staying well-informed with what’s happening within our business. It’s also a nice relief on a Friday, giving us something fun to look forward to.'

They launched a COVID-19 information hub to host relevant state government updates and a rolling feed from the World Health Organisation, as well as an online Wellbeing Centre that provides all employees with online resources, exercise and meditation videos and recipes to help support their physical and mental wellbeing through this challenging time.


The team has also created multiple blog feeds for different purposes, including 'The Henley Herald,' which contains company and community initiatives such as the internal 'Push-Up Challenge.' Other feeds contain weekly coronavirus updates from the CEO and leadership team, resources to promote employee wellbeing, and light, happy news to promote fun and community. 


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Jaime Toh

Jaime Toh is a Corporate Client Success Manager at Reward Gateway. She dreams of driving a Ford Mustang one day, can’t get enough of good food and volunteers at the RSCPA to help her furry friends.

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