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Let me cut to the chase: I save $1,500 a year with the Reward Gateway discounts program – that’s $1,500 back into my pocket, every year.

What’s even better is that I work with business leaders all year-round who help their people do the same thing. 

For employees, it’s unreal, because it’s an awesome benefit that delivers heaps of value on a weekly basis (I’ll show you how I use it below).  

For employers, it’s amazing, too – it’s an effective way to provide an amazing benefit with huge value to each employee without blowing the wage-increase budget out.

So, it’s a fantastic win-win. And, it’s even more relevant and important right now as Australians are faced with the rising cost of living, inflation and in a talent market that’s very tight.

Here’s how it works for me:

filling up gasWeek-to-week  my regular weekly purchases are pretty basic. I buy groceries, meals, put petrol in my car and I’ll maybe get takeaway one night a week too.

Discount Partners: Coles, Woolworths, Ampol, BWS, Marley Spoon, UberEats.

Savings: $546 per year (approximately $200 per week at Coles and Woolworths and $50 per week at Ampol)

Every-now-and-then Sometimes, I save on my car and health insurance, and phone bill. I’ll go out for dinner once or twice a month and save 8-10% off at my favourite restaurants – and I’ll probably watch a movie too where I gave save 25% on Gold Class/LUX or normal movie tickets Most months, I’ll also likely indulge in a little bit of online shopping.

Discount Partners: Medibank, Youi, Telstra, Best Restaurants, Event Cinemas, The Iconic, Myer, ASOS, Farftech, Hoyts

Savings: $600 per year.

saving money on travelSpecial occasions I just got back from South America and Europe during my sabbatical, so I obviously saved a lot on hotels, and travel this year. But, I might squeeze in another few weekends away at some point when I need to get away. On the home front, there’s usually a new piece of furniture from Ikea or Temple and Webster or an appliance I have to fork out for every year. And, of course, the big spending push – Christmas.

Discount Partners: Booking.com, Airbnb, Wotif, Europcar, Webjet, The Good Guys, Myer, Ikea, Kmart, Target, BigW.

Savings: $400 per year. 

I’ve been with our organisation now for nearly 10 years on two different continents, and no matter where I am, I am always looking for ways to save. For me, it’s an incredible way our organisation boosts our Employee Value Proposition and helps me in my day to day. For our HR heroes, I know that this is a valuable benefit that can support your people for a very low cost to the overall business. 

If you’re ready to learn more about our benefits program that can help your team out, reach out to us to take a look at how it all works. 

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Jon Fulluck

Jon Fulluck has spent the last 8 years guiding companies all over the world on their employee engagement journeys. When he isn’t showing people how to level-up their benefits and reward and recognition programs, he’s travelling around Australia or either snowboarding or playing tennis.

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