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Throughout the last year we've continued to see much change, as businesses have navigated hybrid working, employee burnout, increased levels of turnover and the continued uncertainty of the pandemic. Businesses have had to pivot their strategies again and again and have had to be more creative than ever before to ensure that employees' needs are met during these challenging times.

As the year comes to a close, it's a great time to reflect on what new initiatives have and haven't worked for your business in 2021, and get creative with brainstorming new ideas to support your employees in the new year. 

As our gift to you, we've pulled together some of our favourite blogs that are full of inspiration and practical tips you can apply to your business. Here are our top picks to guide and support your engagement strategy, as you work to attract, engage and retain your employees throughout 2022 and beyond:

remote employee

40 ideas to improve company culture and boost morale

In the last two years, we've seen many changes to the workplace in terms of how and where employees are working. As we've been in and out of lockdowns and have faced continual uncertainty, companies have had to pivot their strategies and find creative ways to keep employees connected to the business and to one another. Uncover 40 evergreen tips for strengthening both company culture and morale, regardless of where your employees are working.

5 ways to improve employees’ mental health as we return to the office

After almost two years of change and uncertainty, employees are facing another big change as companies return to the workplace. Whether your employees are already working in-person or whether you've just begun the transition, it's important to put the spotlight on employees' mental health to support them during this time. Discover five useful tips to help you navigate this transition and reduce employee anxiety now and in the future.

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The battle between monetary and non-monetary employee recognition and reward

monetary vs. non-monetary awardsWhether you're just starting your employee recognition journey or whether you already have an employee recognition program in place, you've likely considered the benefits of monetary and non-monetary recognition and how each supports your business goals. While some businesses may choose to have one or the other, an effective recognition strategy includes a balance of each. Learn the differences between monetary and non-monetary rewards and how they can be implemented effectively to drive business results.

Where to focus your diversity, equity and inclusion strategy for 2022

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) journey is one that will continue to grow and evolve, and our hope is that these initiatives and programs will become ingrained in everything we do at Reward Gateway. Finding your areas of focus is a great first step when it comes to DEI, and our journey started with our three pillars – recruitment, progression and leadership. Uncover more about how we chose these pillars and how these will guide our journey at Reward Gateway.

How to communicate with remote, office and frontline employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to communicating with employees – different types of workers prefer to receive information differently, and ensuring that you reach your entire workforce is essential to your communications strategy. Find out more about how you can effectively communicate with your remote, office and frontline employees with practical tips.

happy employees

3 strategies to avoid the rising cost of attrition

Recent research revealed that 42% percent of employees will be looking for a new job in the coming year, and the cost of replacing these employees isn't small. Finding creative ways to attract, engage and retain employees will be a top priority for businesses in the new year as they fight to reduce this aggressive attrition rate. Discover key strategies for reducing employee turnover and making your company a place where employees want to stay.

5 steps to create a culture of continuous recognition

With more employees working from home or only going into the office part time, it's important to keep your people connected and use new strategies to promote visibility and shine a spotlight on achievements. Creating a culture of continuous recognition will keep employees motivated, engaged and more productive, as well as more connected to each other. Learn how you can start to build a strong culture of appreciation today with these useful tips and ideas.

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Liana Moore-Butler

Liana is a Digital Content Specialist at Reward Gateway and wears multiple hats daily to support the global marketing team. She is a proud cat mom to two fur babies, Kai and Moki.

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