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josh bersin employee recognition research

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What makes a business go from good to great? Recent research reveals that a focus on engaging, motivating and appreciating the modern workforce can be the key to success. 

The modern workforce is more diverse than ever before, and employees are moving away from traditional, hierarchical organisational structures to rely on a team-based structure. And along with this is the need for more frequent feedback, communications and recognitions — to celebrate wins together and find ways to connect on solving business challenges. The right recognition and engagement program helps create this environment for employees — and businesses — to thrive.

Successful strategic employee recognition programs that are social, timely and transparent are 12x more likely to generate strong business results.

What’s more, businesses can increase employee engagement, productivity and customer service by 14% when they embrace strategic recognition programs and focus on connecting their people. 

And what leader doesn’t want increased productivity and better customer service? The secret to moving the needle on business results starts with moving the needle on employee engagement. 

Says Josh Bersin, independent global industry analyst and dean of the Josh Bersin Academy, in our latest release:

As today’s workplace environment becomes increasingly automated, dispersed and diverse, employers need to do more to improve employee engagement.

Strategic employee engagement and recognition programs, when developed properly, are significant drivers of the authentic engagement the modern workforce is expecting. This report is for companies that don’t just want to hear about the importance of strategic recognition, but want to know how to implement a successful program.

We know that there are many elements that go into driving employee engagement, but Bersin’s research proves that zeroing in on “strategic recognition that marries human needs with business goals and values,” is becoming increasingly important for today’s modern workforce. 

Notably, this means moving away from long-service or tenure awards and tying employee rewards and recognition programs to business goals and intrinsic motivators.

In the research, Bersin uncovers: 

Key components of strategic recognition.
The strategic recognition maturity model.
Best practices for implementing strategic recognition.
Three success stories of companies that have put strategic recognition programs in place to drive engagement and business results.

Looking to learn more? Download the Bersin research paper for the full analysis, plus gain actionable takeaways that you can put in place right away: 

josh bersin employee recognition research

Download Research »

Joy Adan

Joy spearheads RG's research about employee experience and engagement, and as our resident presenter, loves to inspire and challenge people to think critically about how to improve the way we work together. Joy’s passion for creative and inclusive storytelling, combined with experience in change management and corporate communications has allowed her to partner with global organisations to improve connection, culture and community in the world of work for over 15 years.

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