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Engaging our own employees and those of our clients is at the heart of everything we do at Reward Gateway. We believe that happier, engaged employees make better decisions, work harder for their customers, and innovate more for their organisation. We see this every day in our own people.
We want to see a world where happier, more engaged employees make stronger, more resilient businesses and organizations. We love helping HR and Benefits managers build that world.
Employee engagement is about more than reward & benefits. We believe companies need people who are clear about where they are going, see great management and leadership on a daily basis, understand the connection between their role and the organization’s mission AND feel rewarded for their work. Stay up to date with our vision for employee engagement by subscribing to our blog.

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We help employers around the world to connect with their staff using great employee benefits, reward systems and communications. It’s never been more important to provide employee benefits programs that work and engage their staff on a human level.
As a business owner, HR or Benefits manager, you want to be confident that you are providing the best employee benefits, so that the engagement within your company is the best it can possibly be.
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Employee wellbeing is a hot topic in HR and Benefits at the moment. At Reward Gateway we’re really interested in seeing how company wellness initiatives evolve over the coming years, and what the concept of employee wellness means to different organizations. We believe that employee wellbeing is not just being physically healthy, but happy and financially stable too. Our bold new vision for corporate wellbeing includes the evolution of technology with an ever more health-conscious world. Subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with employee wellness trends and how we're supporting wellbeing initiatives.

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Employee engagement doesn’t happen on it’s own. At Reward Gateway, we understand that you only get great uptake to the employee benefits you offer if you communicate in the right way to your employees. With more than 1,000 global clients, Reward Gateway has more experience than anyone else in getting the message out to different workforce demographics, whatever your industry, employee split or company size. Subscribe to our blog to learn how to master your communications strategy.

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At Reward Gateway, we understand that having strong culture and values has a huge impact on driving successful businesses, and it’s something we’re very passionate about. Our own culture and values are the foundation of everything we do because we realize that it’s only when your employees are bought in that you can have a truly engaged workforce.
Culture can mean a lot of different things to different companies, and we’re really interested in what it means to you. The growing trend in flexible working, creative perks and rising trust in employees as human beings, all point to an exciting future in which the working world looks nothing like the old. Stay up to date with the debate on employee culture and subscribe to our blog.

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Here at Reward Gateway we know that leadership has nothing to do with titles and fame, nothing to do with personal attributes and ego stroking, nothing to do with hierarchy and applause. We believe that leadership is doing more, learning more, and aiming high. It’s about problem-solving, and getting more out of our people so that they believe in themselves and achieve their goals.
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News and announcements from Reward Gateway – The Employee Engagement People. Read what’s new in our company, latest products and happenings.

How to make your employees pay attention to your emails

by Catrin Lewis on July 26, 2016

Email isn’t dead. I know that people say this now, as we move towards new ways of collaborative working, but the truth is that it’s still very much alive and kicking. But like many things that grow older, its personality, purpose and place in the world has changed.

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Why a 6 year old has a better wellbeing strategy than your entire workforce

by Lucy Tallick on July 25, 2016

Every morning my children bounce out of bed full of energy and excitement ready for the day ahead, where as many of us “grown-ups”  feel the need almost to be dragged out kicking and screaming reaching for the first cup of coffee before we can even hold a conversation.

It got me thinking, What do little kids have that us grown-ups don’t? 

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Lighting the Spark: Social Capital and Margaret Heffernan

by Glenn Elliott on July 21, 2016

We’re fortunate at Reward Gateway to have been inspired and led by some incredible thinkers in employee engagement, company culture, and leadership. Our new series, “Lighting the Spark,” features one of these amazing thinkers every month. In our first post, we are sharing the wonderful Margaret Heffernan.

Margaret Heffernan is a five-time CEO and author, exploring the aspects of human nature that ensure success and/or failure. Her book Beyond Measure has had a huge impact on us here and you’ll find copies of it in every one of our 7 offices around the world. (Reward Gateway clients can even request one for free from their engagement managers!).

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Your guide to communications in times of uncertainty (and what we learned from Brexit)

by Chloe Thompson on July 19, 2016

As leaders, communicating with your employees is a crucial step every day, but especially in times of uncertainty. When the UK decided to leave the European Union (EU), the event now known as “Brexit” affected the emotions and mindset of Reward Gateway’s employees - particularly in the UK and Bulgaria. And as Brexit continues to make its impact across the world, it won’t be the last time leaders are faced with the dilemma of properly handling potential crisis communications.

When the tension runs high, it can be tempting to hide in the corner and wait, but as leaders, that’s simply not an option.

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Topics: Leadership & Management, Open & Honest Communication

Do you have what it takes to be a Hero?

by Catrin Lewis on July 19, 2016

At Reward Gateway, we’re the experts in employee engagement. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge across all sectors of the industry but what use is knowledge if it isn’t shared?

That’s what our monthly #HRHeroChallenge is all about. We take our most popular subjects and looked at how we could empower our audience (you!) with the top tips we’ve learnt over the years.

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Why you can’t play favourites when it comes to globalising your rewards programmes

by Debra Corey on July 15, 2016

I was asked the other day to have a session with a 15 year old work study student to explain "what I do." Sounds easy enough, right? It’s far from it. Trying to explain to someone who has not yet entered the workplace how HR’s role is to attract, retain and engage employees sounds about as foreign to them as when my teenagers try to explain to me the differences between Instagram, Snapchat, ooVoo and kik.  

Now try to explain the challenges of doing this for a global workforce and it gets even more difficult.

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How to let your recognition program blossom

by Debra Corey on July 12, 2016

Before I share with you my thoughts on how to get recognition right at your organization, let me share with you a quote by Stephen Covey. He says that “you have to water flowers if you want them to grow." What a great visual to introduce the topic of recognition, I can just picture my employees as lovely, thriving flowers, with my recognition programs being the water or nutrients which help them grow!

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Can a new office improve employee engagement? Here’s why ours will.

by Chloe Thompson on July 12, 2016
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Don't just sit there! Top 10 ways to get your workplace moving

by Lucy Tallick on July 11, 2016

In case you didn’t think it before, it’s time to get moving. Physical inactivity has been named as the largest public health crisis of the 21st century in both the UK and in the States, both pointing to the damages that sitting down too long can do to our health and wellbeing.

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Are You Making These 5 Glassdoor Mistakes?

by Glassdoor Team on July 6, 2016

Guest Post by Glassdoor

In today’s candidate-driven market, Glassdoor is increasingly the way job seekers look for jobs and research companies—and form opinions about those companies. As the fastest-growing job site in the U.S. with background on 500,000+ companies and more than 11 million company reviews, salary reports, interview reviews and benefits reviews, it shouldn’t fall off of any employer’s radar. Glassdoor should be treated as another place for employers to engage with their past, prospective and current employees, and to drive their culture and values forward.

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