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Deloitte’s most recent study of mobile phone usage shows that 88% of Aussies own a smartphone and according to another study by the University of Sydney, the average Aussie checks that phone at least 130 times a day! The increase of mobile ownership and use signals important news for employers and is a trend that many of the clients I work with are taking advantage of:

If you have a modern workforce who’s dispersed, or employees who aren’t necessarily at a desk or a computer for a large component of their work day, reaching them via mobile is the way to go.

If your organisation has an employee benefits platform in place, you’re likely looking for ways to demonstrate success and a return on your investment. Many of the clients I work with know that a successful program is one that’s frequently used, remains front of mind for employees, and reinforces the advantages that come with being an employee (or even a family member of an employee that can take advantage of the hundreds of discounts!).

Not a bad take home story, is it?

This is where technology can help. Making your program accessible on a device that your employees are already using habitually increases the frequency and quality of use.


Technology may seem like a big investment for some, but it’s an investment that comes with advantages. As an employee, having access to your employee benefits platform in the palm of your hand, anywhere you are and at any time of day, means you’ve got more opportunities to log in and actually use your benefit in everyday situations.

Enabling instant and online access can increase the adoption of your benefits program and the value of savings employees receive simply by making them more easily accessible on the go, whenever employees need them.

It also means that as an employer, you’re providing an experience your employees have come to expect:

Modern Consumer Habits

More than 73% of Australian households shopped online in 2018
Online travel bookings grew 21.7% between 2014-2019
29% of consumers make purchases online between 7-10pm, compared to 18% between 2-5pm
Online shoppers expect faster service: next-day deliveries grew by 31.7% last year

Designing benefits for employees who are on the go

You might be stopping in at the shops for milk on the way home, planning a date night, or entertaining the family with an afternoon at the cinema on a rainy weekend – whatever the situation, being able to access a discount in the moment that you need it creates an easy and efficient experience that you’ll remember as reliable – and rewarding for your bank balance! It’s exactly the type of user experience that keeps employees coming back.

Whether the buying circumstances are planned or spontaneous, having discounts available on the go keeps it front of mind, which means employees are more likely to use them in everyday circumstances.


Providing choice and personalisation

Online shopping has opened our doors (and wallets) to an endless number of retailers – from a global brand selling shoes from the other side of the world, or a boutique health food store in rural Australia. The endless choice provided by digital providers like UberEats, Amazon, eBay, Spotify, Netflix means we’re used to having our personalised wish lists and cravings fulfilled in just a few clicks.

Your employees are all different and have their own preferences that a strong modern employee benefits portfolio will cater for. Some employees shop at big name grocery stores, some grow their own veggies. Some will plan a 6 week holiday in Europe and some will steal a weekend camping getaway whenever they can.

Whatever the employees’ lifestyle or buying habits, modern benefits programs provide a well-rounded selection of retailers and offers that assist them in saving money on anything that they love to do.

From the young employee that enjoys an UberEats delivery 3-4 times a week to the employee with a growing family renovating their house, all employees deserve to save money where, when and how they want to.


Making it easy to find what you’re looking for

An extensive range of benefits needs to be paired with the ability to navigate or find what you’re looking for – in just a few seconds. If you’re using an employee benefits app, an employee who likes to research big ticket purchases like white goods need only flick to the “Home and Garden” category to compare discount rates at several well known retailers.

An employee that is loyal to a handful of retailers can set them as “Favourites” so they are just one click away. And an employee that doesn’t know which retailer they’re looking for need only type in a keyword into the search bar to find a list of retailers that they can access a great offer!


Extending the reach of your employee benefits

Forgot to buy a gift, or need to get something for someone with tricky tastes? Instant access to eGift cards from your benefits platform can get you – and your employees – out of even the trickiest gift-giving situation. Downloadable, printable, and email-able, you can give your loved one the gift of choice with a huge range of eGift Cards on the Benefits App within seconds.

The more opportunities you give your employees to take advantage of their benefits program, the more valuable it will be.

Not only are you giving employees the chance to save money at a time where the cost of living is becoming more difficult to manage, but you are proving that you truly understand and value your employees by making access to benefits easy, fast and in tune with their lifestyle.

Kameel Martin

Kameel Martin is a Senior Client Success Manager for a wide range of businesses. She always has communications and marketing on her mind, and loves to share knowledge with anyone interested in improving employee engagement!

Senior Client Success Manager

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