How a complete revamp of Correla’s employee benefits platform transformed employee experience and boosted active users to 99%

Working with Reward Gateway, Correla introduced new benefits to save its employees £23,000 in Discounts and reinforce a culture of appreciation.

  • Achieved a 99% user rate on their platform
  • £23,000 saved through Discounts in one year
  • £26,000 spent through SmartTech™ in one year
  • £20,000 spent in Rewards in one year
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Number of employees:


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Number of locations:

Primarily remote workforce

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Platform features:

Employee Discounts, Cycle to Work, Reward & Recognition, Employee Communications, Employee Wellbeing, SmartTech™

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What they needed:

When Correla evolved from a not-for-profit organisation to a brand new commercial SaaS business, the company wanted to ensure it could attract and retain the right people to support its ambitious growth goals. Setting themselves the goal of providing the best employee experience for their people, the People Services team saw that the existing benefits portal was outdated, difficult to access, and offered a poor user experience. It also took up a great deal of HR admin time to manage, time that could be better spent on other initiatives. Correla recognised the need to centralise and modernise its employee engagement approach to better serve a remotefirst workforce and support the company’s strategic objectives around growth, innovation and employee retention.

How we helped:

To address these challenges, Correla worked with Reward Gateway to implement a comprehensive employee benefits and engagement platform, ensuring a seamless transition from the old platform to the new one with a quick timeline to launch. A new centralised hub called “Count Me In” provided a richer, more attractive and branded environment for Correla’s employees to access their benefits, as well as a more user-friendly environment for employees and the People Services team. By providing a new Reward & Recognition platform which removed paper forms and a clunky authorisation process, Correla have made it easier for managers and employees to recognise great work or moments when colleagues have gone the extra mile.

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To support financial wellbeing, a new Discounts programme has offered every employee the opportunity to save on household spending from supermarket shopping to holidays. Sitting alongside this, SmartTech™ has given employees access to interest- free loans for any electrical items they need to buy, spreading out the cost of purchase to make them more affordable, whether that’s an essential such as a broken washing machine or a more luxury piece of tech. An improved management dashboard now gives Correla the ability to quickly access analytics which provide an overview of usage of individual employee benefits and overall engagement with the platform across the workforce.

One of the things that is important to us is simplicity and Reward Gateway delivered that. From implementation to go-live it was simple, straightforward and delivered really quickly.

What they achieved:

The revamp of Correla’s employee benefits has delivered a significant uplift in platform engagement with an active user rate of 99%, a huge increase on the previous platform’s figures. Through Employee Discounts, Correla has helped its people save £23,000 on household spending in the last year with £30,000 spent through SmartTech™ in the same period.

The new Reward & Recognition tools are now the go-to method for managers to thank colleagues for their work. By measurably increasing the amount of recognition given and with £20,000 of reward delivered and redeemed in the last year, Count Me In has helped to strengthen Correla’s culture of appreciation.

Since the implementation of Count Me In, Correla has also witnessed a positive impact on its external customer satisfaction with its Net Promoter Score increasing by 18.5-point in two past two years, the second highest in the sector. This, according to the People Services leadership, has been significantly supported by the improved employee experience and engagement, enabled by working with Reward Gateway.

The People Services team isn’t just pleased with the level of spend and commercial impact but also by the fact that the employee benefits proposition is widely talked about among its people and makes a meaningful difference to financial wellbeing. Through the improved reporting and analytics, the team is better able to see the popularity and uptake of different benefits and monitor the performance of the platform as a whole.


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