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It’s Reward Gateway’s 10th anniversary this year and as we work harder than ever to deliver great products and services for our clients, we also take occasional moments to reflect on the company and the culture that we’ve built together over the last decade.

We have built a company that is successful because it is closely coupled to its customers, shares a vision with and for them and because it runs, on the whole, a diverse, fair and just culture.

The company strives to behave honestly, fairly and ethically in whatever it does and it sets standards for the management of our people that are exceptionally high.  

Our second Diversity report is published today and it shows a company that is staffed 50% by women.

View our full 2017 Diversity Report

Of our technical staff, 33% are female and 48% of all senior management and leadership positions are held by women.

Here’s a closer look at those figures, compared to other tech innovators such as Apple, Buffer and Hubspot:

What could greater diversity mean for your company? 

The result of this is that I see people of different backgrounds in our offices and I hear different voices around the table. I hear discussion, discourse and debate. I see people with and without college degrees thriving, getting more and more responsibility, developing their skills and progressing in the company. I see people moving between departments taking skills and experience to new places

The way we think, the way we evaluate options, the way we process risk, the way we see opportunity is a product of our individual personality and our experiences. Where we have diversity of background we therefore have diversity of perspective, of opinion.

Where we have diversity of opinion we have more discussion, more debate and more dissent and in a good culture this leads to better decision making, better risk taking and ultimately better business.

Reward Gateway is a great company because we have as many women as we have men, we pay women and men equally, we promote them fairly and because we genuinely work hard at finding and welcoming talent first regardless of someone’s gender, sexuality, ethnicity or religion.

Naturally we have ambition that exceeds where we are today. While we're doing well on the attention paid to gender, our ethnic diversity is nowhere near good enough and we will be a better business when we change that. Along with that, we're focused on having a broader spread of ages. Our commitment to diversity, and a better employee experience, is never ending. That's why I'm looking forward to sharing with you what our 2018 report brings next year, and excited at the progress we've made this year to date. 


Glenn Elliott

Founder at Reward Gateway, Employee Engagement expert and Author of "The Rebel Playbook for Employee Engagement."


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