Gain more insight with powerful employee engagement analytics

The Reward Gateway SmartInsights Analytics Engine gives HR leaders insight into employee engagement activity that impacts their everyday culture. A suite of interactive dashboards reveal which combination of engagement drivers are having the most influence on culture and business outcomes. Put clear and easy-to-understand data into the hands of HR leaders and managers, in real time. 

See your company culture in action and prove platform ROI

Uncover how different groups of employees interact with your Reward Gateway platform and other employee engagement initiatives through real-time dashboards and meaningful data across your entire business. Our employee engagement analytics and reporting helps you:

dynamic data examples

Use dynamic data to drive the business

Uncover data across all areas of your business based on location, role and more

Manager with employee

Equip managers with actionable insights

A manager results dashboard pinpoints engagement activity specific to their team

engagement analyics examples

See full platform performance at a glance

Understand and track how company communications, reward and recognition, and benefits strategies impact engagement goals

Gain in-depth, actionable insights to spark cultural transformation

See which engagement initiatives are moving the needle so you can fine-tune and increase the impact of your programmes to get the most out of your platform features. Our powerful engagement analytics empowers you to view the data you need to drive change in your business, including:

Easy front-end access

Manager-specific dashboards

employee_benefits_ information

Filters to sort by date, teams, location etc

Dynamic and visual data displays

Insights across all your product sets

Improve team engagement through segmented data

Empower managers and leaders with easy access to relevant data about the engagement levels of their division, team or department, in an application they use every day, rather than relying on separate tools. More valuable insight can help leaders make decisions that positively influence and impact team performance.

Get expert support on employee engagement data analysis

Our Client Success team is here to help you turn data into action by pinpointing engagement trends and opportunities. Our team brings years of experience working across multiple industries to partner with you to maximise your platform’s performance and help prove the ROI of your initiatives.


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“These dashboards provide visibility into employee engagement that we’ve never had before. It’s like seeing our culture in action. Going forward this data will help us identify where we can target specific programmes to improve employee engagement.”

Reward Manager at Dunelm

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