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When you’re working on creating a fantastic workplace culture, encouraging employees to say thanks to one another might not be top of your priority list. Sure, it’s nice to receive a thank you from somebody, but how much difference is that really going to make?

The answer is a lot. According to a recent Gallup poll, 65 per cent of people say they don’t feel appreciated at work. That feeling can fast translate into negativity, which is contagious and can quickly create low morale. The result of that? Low productivity, which has a direct impact on business performance.

If you look at what makes a company a great place to work, one thing they nearly all have in common is their culture of workplace gratitude.

At Reward Gateway, saying thanks to one another has been a huge part of our culture since the company began. It’s something that is deeply embedded in our identity as an organisation. Every quarter we have our Global Business Update, streamed live around the world, and the ‘Thank You Awards’ has been a consistent segment since the start.

As we’ve grown, it’s become more challenging to communicate the importance of saying thank you across multiple offices around the globe. Which is why, this time we decided to make the top 10 nominations into a special video for the winners. When we played it at our Global Business Update, the effect was phenomenal. This video really demonstrates why saying thank you is so worthwhile, and how it can make people feel, from London to Plovdiv and back again, in Sydney, and beyond.

Get ready for that ‘Awwww’ factor:

There's plenty of different ways to embed a thank you culture into your workplace, whether that's approaching people in person, sending videos, or sending an eCard.

Building a thank you culture is one of the cornerstones of workplace culture. If your team respects one another then they’ll motivate and inspire each other to achieve great things. Don't underestimate what it could do for your business.

Do you have a culture of gratitude at your organisation? Tell us how your employees thank one another. Do you think it's important?

Charlie Taylor

Travel junkie, foodie, morning person, Disney fan! Charlie is Head of UK Growth Marketing and PR at Reward Gateway.

Head of UK Growth Marketing and PR

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