How Babcock International Group streamlined benefits for an offline workforce

Companies are looking for more ways to support their employees and ease their financial burden, and a great way to do this is through employee benefits. As employees turn to their companies for this support, it is critical that these benefits are not only provided, but also easily accessible. 


Babcock International Group, a leading provider of engineering services with more than 22,500 employees in the UK, was struggling with improving low employee benefits uptake when the organisation came to Reward Gateway for help. Although Babcock’s HR Team had an employee discounts programme in place, it wasn’t being used by employees, and the organisation wanted to provide a more robust benefits offering.

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The organisation’s broad workplace demographics, siloed departments and struggles with alignment on communications were some of the challenges Babcock faced when developing its benefits strategy. This was made even more difficult by the fact that a large portion of its workforce was offline and didn’t use a computer as part of their day-to-day role. 

employee discounts

Donna Nind, Reward Director at Babcock says

The actual process of applying for benefits and receiving discounts needed to be seamless. We didn’t want long waiting times or unnecessary complications; it needed to be a straightforward process that anybody could follow in just a few clicks. 

The team successfully created a comprehensive benefits portal, 'Big Benefits,' where employees can easily find the benefits on offer.  This just scratches the surface in terms of the employee benefits and discounts options that Babcock now offers. Employees also have access to discounts from more than 850 retailers, holiday trading options, childcare vouchers, a Wellbeing Centre, EAP and a healthcare cash plan  – there’s really something to suit everyone.

wellbeing centre

Since launching Big Benefits in February 2020, Babcock has seen more than 53% takeup among its employees, which means that more than 10,000 employees are regularly engaging with the platform. 

offline workersThis number continues to grow every day, and is particularly significant given that the majority of Babcock employees don’t use a computer in their jobs – this means that employees are going out of their way to access these benefits outside of work.

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