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Well, it has certainly been an interesting start to the summer, hasn’t it? 

Between the countless DIY projects, Zoom calls with muted screaming children in the background and jokes about your ‘shortened commute,’ we understand that the past few months have been challenging.

This is especially true for our HR heroes, who are being asked to do more with less - more engagement, more benefits, more innovation, with less budget, fewer resources and less time. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our next Engagement Excellence Live: How HR Heroes are doing more with less to create connected, productive and resilient organisations. 

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Our familiar event is going virtual to accommodate our new way of working, so you can enjoy all of our brilliant speakers and top tips from the comfort of wherever you’re calling work these days. 

Join hundreds of other HR leaders on Wednesday, 22nd July to learn how to: 

  • Create new and sustainable employee engagement practices that will support productivity in the adjusted world of work.
  • Celebrate contribution and cultivate connection through authentic employee recognition and communications.
  • Overcome budget constraints and support employees financially with creative and high-impact strategies.
  • Provide purpose and inspiration to boost employee wellbeing, safety and morale.
  • Create a consolidated employee destination with streamlined technology to increase connection and productivity.


We’ll also be welcoming in Shereen Daniels and Debra Corey as our keynote speakers for lively presentations and discussion on timely topics that will help redefine the Future of Work, and a new era of employee engagement. 

Join us for these interactive sessions, as well as a panel discussion to walk through how to tackle relevant employee engagement challenges from HR leaders who have been able to thrive in an environment of constant change. 

Take a look at the full agenda and sign up page. We hope to ‘see’ you there! 

- The Reward Gateway Team

Editor's Note: This event has passed, but you can catch the videos on our resource library.

Cristina Stoica

Cristina Stoica is the UK Growth Marketing Manager. When she’s not putting on her event or digital marketing hats, you can usually find her travelling to new lands, in search of some sunshine.

Growth Marketing Manager

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