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Recapping the Engagement Excellence Summit

Nearly 1,000 HR leaders attended our Engagement Excellence Summit earlier this month, eager to learn how to move forward in the new world we’re living in. With a lofty agenda featuring standout speakers such as Patty McCord, Josh Bersin and Kelly Swingler, we wondered, how much could we fit into a day of learning? 

Turns out the 6+ hour day was filled with excitement, laughter and lots of people eagerly scribbling in their notebooks (when they weren’t taking virtual photo booth selfies, that is!). 


We hope that everyone who attended had a chance to learn something new and feel equipped to climb their own summit this year as HR leaders everywhere face new sets of challenges and are looking for new ways to build resilient organisations. 

Relive the day with on-demand Summit sessions

If you didn’t attend, we have a special look at our day’s events hosted on our own Summit channel. Feel free to give these sessions a watch in your own spare time: 

engagement-excellence-video-recapWatch Summit Videos

I want to give a special shoutout to our clients who shared their employee engagement success stories of using technology to connect, recognise and support their people, including Roshine Bulpitt, Head of Engagement at HomeServe, Thomas Dibble, HR Specialist at Shell Energy and Janet Hulme, HR Director at Key Forensic. 

We also took a closer look at diversity and inclusion at work, particularly at how business leaders can help drive this strategy and empower their people through company culture. Thank you to Tunde Banjoko OBE, Chief Executive of Making the Leap, Natalie Porter, Associate Director at NTT Data and Geoffrey Williams, Global Head of Diversity at Dr. Martens for sharing their experience and guidance along with our CEO Doug Butler.

Along the way, we wanted to keep the ‘togetherness’ front and centre with a morning yoga class and plenty of social shoutouts.

We’re humbled to help the wider HR community navigate how to connect, recognise and support their people amongst changing times. Keep an eye out for our next event, which you can always find on our events page

Thank you for joining us, for sharing your stories and for inspiring us all in new ways to Make the World a Better Place to Work. If you're interested in what we offer for you and your teams, please feel free to reach out to a member of our team. Talk to an Engagement Consultant »

Lauren Greyson

Lauren Greyson is a Senior Growth Marketing Manager for Reward Gateway. When she's not smashing it out of the park bringing events to thousands of HR professionals and culture leaders, she's likely traveling. Her top trips include masquerade journeys to different countries around the world. (You should see her mask collection!)

Senior Growth Marketing Manager

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