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Choosing which employee benefits to offer your staff and coming up with a benefits plan for the next few years can be nerve-racking! You're down to a shortlist of benefits providers you could work with, but they all look the same. How do you make sure you identify the one that represents the most value to your employees?

Here are just three of a few must do’s when looking at which employee benefits providers to partner with.

You wouldn’t see a dentist when you are ill.

When you have decided what you want to put in place, you need to work with a company who does it really well. The easiest way to do this is look at what they do every day. What is their core business? That will quickly show you what they are great at!

Take a peek behind the curtain.

You are about to launch something for all your employees. This is pretty big. Take the time and go and visit your potential benefit supplier's offices. You'll be able to meet the people who will be serving your employees, and get a good feel for the business outside of their sales teams.

Try before you buy.

I shouldn't have to say this, but come on, if you are looking at a new system or benefit, you need to put yourself in your employees' shoes and see which one is going to be right.

These 3 things are so simple, but will really help you make a well-thought-out and informed decision. Remember - it isn’t just your budget you're investing in but your TIME!

Dominic Taylor

Dominic Taylor is the Director of Enterprise and Flexible Benefits with lots of experience helping companies scope out the best fit. He is famous in the RG office for going to the gym and eating broccoli.

Director of Enterprise and Flexible Benefits

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