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How C Space connects its dispersed workforce with centralised technology

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At the start of the pandemic, many companies whose workforces were entirely office-based had to transition overnight to being fully remote. Keeping employees connected, engaged and happy was a challenge many businesses faced.

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One of our clients, C Space, encountered these issues as the pandemic forced its 350 employees to shift to an entirely remote workforce, and finding ways to connect employees while still maintaining high levels of client satisfaction became even more critical.

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C Space used its new employee engagement platform, 'The Spot,' to create a space where values-based peer-to-peer recognition and award nominations could happen freely. Some of the most popular eCards being sent are 'put we before me' and 'I got this,' demonstrating a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration throughout the organisation.


Phil Burgess, Chief People and Operations Officer, says: 'We are truly grateful for the role the Reward Gateway platform is playing in helping us navigate this crisis. It’s become a central hub for communications.' He adds:

The Values Nominations are being highlighted at staff meetings, and 90% of our people logged in last week. When we look back, we may see this as a key moment in shaping our culture and driving behavioural change.

The agency also encouraged both employees and managers to use blogs to communicate with each other and the business using the internal communications tool. Since the introduction of blogs on The Spot, the business has introduced a variety of other communications such as weekly all-staff recaps and Town Hall videos from C Space Global CEO, Charles Trevail, to ensure that all employees are kept in the loop and up-to-date on timely announcements.

Its dedicated coronavirus hub contains information about how C Space is handling client deliverables, advice on how to work with clients during challenging times and up-to-date articles and information on self-care during COVID-19. 

Maintaining high levels of communication and connection across an entirely remote workforce can be challenging, but it’s easier when you have the right tools and channels in place. 

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Alana Cummings

Shoe guru and past cheerleader that still brings the spirit into building meaningful client relationships. Alana is the US Client Success Team Manager at Reward Gateway.

US Client Success Team Manager

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