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When you're thinking of putting a new employee benefit in place, are you daunted by communicating it? Are you frustrated by the parts of your workforce you never quite seem to reach, regardless of your efforts?

It doesn't have to be as hard, time-consuming or expensive as you think. Live by the KISS principle - "keep it simple, stupid'.

Think about the reason you put the benefit in place and its purpose. Consider your method, channel and style of communication. Should the tone be light, or serious? Giving some thought to your demographic, plus looking to an experienced provider for support, will do wonders in the long run as you create a strategic, robust and relevant communications plan.

When Citation launched their new voluntary benefits programme, they followed those principles. With a diverse demographic in both age and gender, over half their employees based at home and a target to increase internal communications, they certainly had their fair share of challenges to tackle.

Step 1: Create the right benefits brand

Rather than settling for a standard 'Citation Rewards', they went on a journey with their marketing team, took a giant leap outside the proverbial box, and ended up with DAVE (Discounts and Various Exclusives). DAVE was not only a catchy acronym but he became a mascot - a character to sum up their exciting new benefits package.

And you can't have a quirky brand paired with an out-of-date comms plan, so...

Step 2: Align this brand with your comms strategy

You'd be amazed what chocolate can do for your workforce (no, we're not talking about an increase in subsidised gym memberships). Pop a KitKat into an envelope along with a lively note from the HR team about everything 'DAVE' will do for your lifestyle and bank balance, distribute to all employees so it lands on everyone's desks / doormats at the same time and BINGO! In one fell swoop you've got a workforce not only engaged with their new benefits but feeling just that bit more rewarded by their employer.

Chuck in some face-to-face communications via benefits champions or area managers, and you're onto a winner.

Go on. Show that box who's boss.

Joanna Martin

Joanna formerly led the Implementation Team, whose job it is to look after new client launches and make them amazing.

Former Implementation Team Lead

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