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The pandemic has presented the manufacturing industry with many new challenges over the last two years, and has forced leaders to innovate and find flexible ways to reach their people. As the needs of employees continue to shift, leaders have an opportunity to listen and evolve their strategies to meet the unique needs of individual employees, giving employers the competitive edge they need in this tight talent market.

Since the majority of manufacturing employees are deskless employees and don't use a computer as part of their day-to-day roles, communicating with a hard-to-reach workforce has become a top priority for manufacturers. 

Another critical focus for employers has been developing a well-rounded Employee Value Proposition that includes reward and recognition, wellbeing tools and employee benefits to ensure that employees feel supported by their company through changing times. As employees look to their employers for more support, leaders have an opportunity to reevaluate their current offerings and uncover areas of improvement to make their EVP stand out in a sea of competitors.

To help you get started, we've pulled together a resource hub full of tips for manufacturing organisations to attract, engage and retain their employees and stand out as an employer of choice. These evergreen ideas will help you enhance your EVP and support your employees both now and in the future, even as the world of work continues to evolve. Enjoy!


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Liana Moore-Butler

Liana is a Digital Content Specialist at Reward Gateway and wears multiple hats daily to support the global marketing team. She is a proud cat mom to two fur babies, Kai and Moki.

Digital Content Specialist

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