When it comes to HR priorities, the list can seem daunting. But one that I’ve heard time and time again is a renewed focus on integrating HR technology with a company’s existing 'tech stack.' Having the tools that allow HR to focus on their people more is a win-win for everyone, no matter the size of your business or team.

arrow-2In a recent survey, 42% of 751 HR leaders in the U.S., UK and Australia agreed that the pandemic has increased the importance of doing more with less time, money and resources by streamlining technology.

We’ve dug into the usual day-to-day of many of our clients, and worked to reduce the number of hours spent on numerous workplace systems and apps – 3 out of 5 UK businesses regularly use over five of these every day. 

And the time stacks up, with HR workers spending over seven hours per working week manually checking, responding to and keeping up with their HR applications. That can add up to nearly 370 hours every year.

Many companies have systems-of-record in place with up-to-date details on their employees. Creating and maintaining data in other systems, outside of this, often takes time and is prone to error, particularly in fast-moving businesses.

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Through our expanding integration partner network, we want to help our clients’ HR teams focus on what they want to do using our solutions, and that’s helping them create an engaged workforce, removing the need for multiple login and security processes and keep data secure.

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We're constantly adding to our self-service integrations dashboard, shown here.

Our clients are also looking to enhance the employee experience, and make it easy for them to access and use the tools that will help increase employee engagement. With the integration of key workplace applications such as Slack, Yammer, Workday and Microsoft Teams, Reward Gateway customers are able to get the most out of their existing technology and make the employee experience as seamless as possible.

Let’s take a deeper look at a couple of these integrations to help bring them to life:

Microsoft Teams Integration

With this integration, employees can recognise and publicly celebrate great work as it happens without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. Real-time recognition helps shine a spotlight on the values and behaviours you want to see more of, while helping employees feel valued and more connected to the business and fellow colleagues. 

We know that today employees must navigate multiple platforms and applications to get their work done, which is why we’ve enabled the seamless sending and receiving of recognition moments in Microsoft Teams.

MS Teams - Image 2

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Slack Integration

With this integration, employees never miss a beat in Slack. The ability to integrate Reward Gateway’s recognition and communications functionality with one of the leading chat applications is ideal for organisations that want to boost employee engagement by ensuring employees stay 'in the know,' especially with the rise of hybrid workforces

Organisations that integrate their employee engagement platform with Slack will enable their people to receive timely blog and recognition posts and updates as they happen.

Saving time is at the top of my to-do list, especially when it comes to our client experience. That’s why we’ve worked on a self-service Integrations Dashboard, where clients can access directions for their IT team to seamlessly integrate their existing systems into our platform. 

Gone are the days of using six or seven different apps – we want you to narrow down that list to get your valuable time back. Take a look at our existing integrations. Don’t see something on the list? I’d love to hear about it. 

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Will Tracz

Will Tracz is the Chief Technology Officer at Reward Gateway. He was the second engineer we ever hired and has played a big part in creating the world-class technology we offer our clients. His favorite book is "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

Chief Technology Officer

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