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Our Product and Technology teams have had an exciting year, working hard to bring you the best new features to our platform to help you attract, engage and retain top talent. As we move into 2023, which will surely be another busy year for our teams, we'd like to take a moment to look back on some of our 2022 product highlights.

Hear from the members of our Product and Technology teams as they walk through some our favourite updates to our product and platform from 2022. Enjoy! 

2022 product innovations

Each member of our Product and Engineering teams has been invaluable in making these updates possible and working to deliver a world-class product to delight your employees – thank you to all! Stay tuned to hear more about how we're continuing to evolve and improve our products in 2023.

Mark Tavender

A self-described Product Geek, Mark has more than a decade of experience in product management and is obsessed with removing friction to make every experience as seamless as possible. When he's not working to deliver market-leading products, Mark is exploring the world from Africa to rainforest treks through Guatemala.

Director of Product

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