How Motorpoint saved their employees £55,000 in discounts through a centralised benefits hub

By working with Reward Gateway, their benefits were consolidated to offer premium, easy-to-access resources for their employees' financial, physical and mental wellbeing

  • Saved on average £10,000 a year through employee discounts
  • 1,400+ eCards sent
  • £173k given in rewards to employees
  • Cycle-to-Work saved employees £10,500 and the organisation £24,000 in National Insurance contribution
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Number of employees:

700+ (majority on-site, but some hybrid)

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Number of locations:


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Platform features:

Employee Discounts, Employee Wellbeing, Reward & Recognition, Cycle to Work

What they needed:

Prior to working with Reward Gateway, Motorpoint provided benefits to their employees, but the offering was limited and dispersed across different platforms. Not only did their employees find them hard to access, but it was a real challenge for the People Team to monitor how the benefits were being used and which were the most valued.

With the majority of Motorpoint’s staff in offline roles and without daily access to a computer, providing a benefits platform that was accessible on mobile devices was essential. They also wanted to improve recognition within their organisation and make sure their staff felt valued and celebrated for their hard work. Central to this goal was a platform that could support the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of their employees.


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How we helped:

Motorpoint partnered with Reward Gateway to create My M.O.T, a centralised location for all their benefits, accessible by computer and mobile devices. Employees are now able to easily find discounts from over 800 retailers, a Wellbeing Centre, SmartTech – which offers employees the ability to spread the cost of tech purchases – and a Cycle to Work scheme.

With such a widespread range of benefits, Motorpoint is able to cater to the lifestyle preferences of their diverse workforce. Employees have the freedom to use any mix of benefits that works best for them, a level of flexibility that’s helped to drive a huge engagement on the platform.

Their bespoke platform allows them to seamlessly integrate their pre-existing benefits as well as add new ones, allowing Motorpoint to continue to evolve their offering with benefits such as private healthcare.

Reward Gateway and the benefits on offer have become such a staple of Motorpoint that you’ll often hear members of the team talking about them or championing them on our internal intranet. This not only helps drive uptake but can also help remind our team how much we appreciate them and all the work that they do.

What they achieved:

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Since working with Reward Gateway, Motorpoint has helped their employees save over £55,000 through their discounts programme. This huge saving, along with the increase in engagement from their staff, reflects the success of Motorpoint and its People Team in centralising their discounts in one, easy-to-access location.

The introduction of eCards has also been very well received, allowing both peer-to-peer appreciation and manager-led rewards to direct reports. In the first 12 months after launch, Motorpoint’s staff sent 1,400 eCards. In addition, they received and redeemed £173,000 in Rewards over a 3 year period. This impressive uptake has helped support their people-first culture and their goal of celebrating all the hard work of their employees.


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