How Notting Hill Genesis drove engagement with their employee benefits platform from 13% to 80% in 18 months

Working with Reward Gateway, the HR Team boosted wellbeing by helping employees save £36,000 a year through Discounts.

  • Saved £36,000 a year through employee discounts
  • Improved platform engagement from 13% to 80% in 18 months
  • £17,000 spent through SmartTech in 12 months
  • Cycle-to-Work saved employees £6,000 and the organisation £3,000 in National Insurance contributions
  • Achieved wellbeing satisfaction scores of over 80%
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Social Housing

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Number of employees:


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Number of locations:

3 main offices and multiple on-site locations

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Platform features:

Employee Discounts, Employee Wellbeing, Employee Communications, SmartTech™, Cycle to Work

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What they needed:

With a multigenerational workforce made up of office workers, resident-facing staff and site-based employees, ranging in age and needs, Notting Hill Genesis needed to refresh their benefits programme to work for everyone. While they were already providing their workforce with a range of employee benefits and discounts, these weren’t being well utilised and therefore weren’t having the impact they had hoped for.

The needs of their workforce had evolved after the pandemic, and the HR Team identified the demand to further develop their wellbeing programme and highlight the support they were offering their people. Not only did their benefits need to provide the right support to their staff amidst the rising cost of living crisis, these benefits needed to be effectively communicated and employees made aware of what was available to them.

How we helped:

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Working with Reward Gateway, the HR Team at Notting Hill Genesis launched the Wellbeing Centre as an extension to ‘myBenefits’, their centralised platform for all their benefits and employee engagement solutions. The Wellbeing Centre offered a helpful gateway to tools that could support the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of employees through the pillars of ‘Move, Munch, Money & Mind’, alongside their existing benefits.

The Wellbeing Centre was introduced alongside SmartTechTM – a salary deduction scheme that allows staff to purchase new tech or replace broken down appliances and spread the cost over multiple salary payments, aiding the financial wellbeing of their staff. The myBenefits platform has allowed Notting Hill Genesis to expand their offering, routinely implementing benefits to address the evolving needs of their employees.

The HR Team revolutionised their communication strategy to promote their benefits, using both the platform’s Communications tools and creating printed posters with QR codes to reach their offline workers. As part of their strategy, they implemented a “Benefit of the Week” in their weekly newsletters, created a place for employees to share their myBenefits success stories and held in-person workshops to ensure the information was accessible and understood by everyone.

Through the platform, the HR Team have also launched seasonal campaigns such as Christmas and Back-to-School initiatives, to highlight the benefits employees can use to save money on essential purchases at specific times of year. They have continued to evolve their benefits in response to changing demands, for example introducing free mortgage support through Reward Gateway’s partner Charles Cameron to address the changing UK mortgage landscape – an addition that drove high adoption from the outset.

I use the platform and discounts every single day and it has been genuinely life-changing for our people.

What they achieved:

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The revamping of myBenefits has been instrumental in helping Notting Hill Genesis improve their platform engagement score from 13% to 80% in 18 months. The renewed focus on the evolving needs of their employees has also seen their wellbeing satisfaction score climb to 80%.

With increased usage of their benefits and
wellbeing resources, Notting Hill Genesis employees have saved £36,000 over the last  12 months through Discounts, as well as covered £17,000 of purchases through SmartTech.

Cycle to Work has also saved employees over £6,000 on new bikes in one year, while Notting Hill Genesis have saved £3,000 in National Insurance contributions through the programme. This increased engagement has had a snowball effect on retention, contributing to an employee turnover rate below the industry average and saving the organisation the significant costs of rehiring and upskilling new employees.

For the HR team, however, their greatest result has been the feedback they’ve received from employees in sharing countless stories of how their benefits have made a difference in their lives. From helping employees save on their weekly shop and pay for Christmas presents, to supporting tech purchases and helping them secure mortgages, the impact of myBenefits is going from strength to strength.

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