Enhance employees’ financial wellbeing with a worry-free, fixed-cost car benefit scheme

Reward Gateway offers a Car Benefit scheme in partnership with Tusker, the award-winning car benefit company. Car Salary Sacrifice allows employees to use some of their salary before it’s taxed in exchange for the use of a brand new, fully maintained and insured car. Employees will love how easy it can be to get a brand new car, plus just 15 electric vehicles can now generate over £30,000 of Class 1 National Insurance saving for employers.

Give your overall Employee Value Proposition a powerful boost

Support your employees and stand out in the employer market with a distinct salary sacrifice offering that won’t slow your HR team down. Our car benefit can help you:

support employee financial wellbeing

Support employee financial wellbeing

Make it easy to purchase a brand new car without the financial burdens

Save on insurance

Offer a unique benefit your people will love

Attract and retain employees with an impactful salary sacrifice offering

Insurance savings example

Save big on NI insurance with electric cars

Just 15 vehicles can generate over £30k of Class 1 National Insurance Savings for employers

A fully integrated user experience

Employees can seamlessly access Tusker with a single sign-on process through the Reward Gateway platform to select and configure the car they want based on their affordability profile. Our car benefits includes:

Personalised allowance for each employee

Two-tier order approval

Real-time order value calculation

Customisable application windows

Affordable fixed-rate schemes

The scheme provides monthly fixed prices on a new car – with no deposit required – from the latest brands, including BMW, Audi and Tesla. Tusker’s ‘charge or fuel and go’ inclusive package includes MOT, servicing road tax, breakdown services, replacement tires and even car insurance. And, with the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel-engined cars on the horizon, CO2 cars are now safer, more reliable and more affordable than ever before.

Protections for employees and employers

We ensure a worry-free process for both employees and employers. Employee car choice is based on affordability so it prevents employees looking at cars they cannot afford. Employers are also protected if an employee resigns, or isn’t working due to a long-term illness or maternity. It’s a great way to provide peace of mind for everyone.


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