Set the stage for 2021 with the Reward Gateway Employee Welfare Package to support your people this festive season

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Every HR leader I speak with is looking for new ways to thank and support their employees. While the Christmas season always seems like a perfect time to extend a big cheer ‘round the business, the COVID-19 pandemic has instead had many businesses thinking less about the end-of-year staff party, and more about how to mitigate a missed annual pay review. 

But the end of the year doesn’t have to lack all of the cheer that it normally brings if you end 2020 with a gift that keeps on giving throughout the festive season and into 2021.

While nothing makes me happier than spending time with my wife and two young children, watching Christmas movies, and eating too much Roast Dinner, I know that this year has been a challenging one for most. When I can help employers give their employees ‘gifts’ that are memorable and impactful, the message I hear at the end of the year is one of gratefulness and thanks. 

As we round out our years and prepare for 2021, I’m excited to bring businesses our new special offer, which gives you the power to choose modules to package into a customised employee welfare programme. Our digital, mobile-accessible employee engagement platform supports the financial, physical and mental wellbeing of your employees when and where they need it most.


Introducing the Employee Welfare Package to support employees in 2021 and beyond

Today, we’re announcing that Reward Gateway is offering companies a customisable employee welfare programme to round out 2020. We’re launching this limited-time opportunity to amplify employees’ salaries and boost employee morale and productivity, all while positively reinforcing your employer brand and company culture, for a low-cost investment that will drive growth all year round. Here's a little more about what can be included in your package:

staff welfare programme

Boost employees’ financial wellbeing

An annual bonus might be out of the picture, but you can stretch disposable income with exclusive discounts at hundreds of retailers. Reward Gateway’s SmartSpending™ employee discounts scheme will have a balance of everyday savings on things like groceries as well as big-ticket items like computers and home goods.

Coupled with employer-funded loans for whitegoods and consumer tech powered through our SmartTech™ salary sacrifice benefit, your employees will appreciate their employer lightening the load through opportunities to save on their Christmas gifts, food, alcohol and even a local getaway over the winter break. 


Enhance physical, nutritional and mental wellbeing

The blur between work and home life makes it all the more difficult to manage stress and develop healthy habits, but don’t have to move the earth to create a holistic wellbeing strategy. You can start by providing a dedicated employee Wellbeing Centre with hundreds of resources to improve employees wellbeing — from on-demand access to healthy recipes, mindfulness sessions and exercise videos, to financial education and tools to complement your employee discounts offering.


Cultivate celebration and connection

Recognising contribution, progress and impact not only boosts morale, it can help create a culture of gratitude and growth. Use our peer-to-peer employee recognition programme to provide everyday opportunities to connect and communicate, and empower employees to celebrate and be recognised every day with both monetary and non-monetary peer-to-peer recognition and reward.


Make this year one to remember - for all the right reasons

What is your 2021 resolution? At Reward Gateway, we’re here to discover new ways to make the world a better place to work, and that mission carries us through day in, day out and all year round.

If you’re looking to build excitement throughout the end of the year and beyond, we can even help you launch in time for Christmas to create some buzz with a communications plan, teaser campaigns and more. 

Start planning this end-of-year bundle now, by talking to Reward Gateway to find out more about this year’s offer and sharing your employee engagement needs. We’ll prepare a range of options to suit your people and your HR goals. 

Ready to get started on building your Employee Welfare Package? Get in touch with the team today: 

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James is an Employee Engagement Consultant who works with companies of all sizes to make their worlds a better place to work. An avid music lover, James is hoping this excitement is passed along to his two young children.

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