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#1 Employee Recognition Software in Europe


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Continuous employee recognition from managers and peers is a proven contributor to higher levels of employee engagement and productivity.

Use the Reward Gateway employee recognition platform and mobile app to:

  • Value and appreciate your people with instant employee recognition features like eCards, award delivery and social recognition.
  • Make reward redemption easy and flexible with Amazon fulfillment options.
  • Embed your company values in new ways with a branded look and feel to your recognition tools.
  • Improve collaboration and company morale across all levels of your organisation.

The leading employee recognition platform includes:

Tailored eCards


Instant award delivery

Peer-to-peer nominations

Customised service awards

“94.5% of our colleagues have said that they feel that they have an appropriate way of rewarding and recognising one another which is a huge step up for us.”

Fiona Furman

Communications Manager at NAHL

Deliver comprehensive, multi-directional recognition 

Our customised reward and recognition platform helps create a culture of continuous recognition and appreciation across your entire business. Empower everyone, from your frontline employees to line managers to your executive team, to celebrate business contributions through reward and recognition aligned to your mission, values and employer brand.

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Showcase your brand to make reward and recognition shine

Enhance your employer brand, with your colours, style and all the elements that make your company unique. We’ll design personalised, custom eCards and special awards that complement your employer brand and reflect your company values, special greetings or occasions and anything else that will put a smile on your employees’ faces.

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Don’t miss a moment to connect, recognise and celebrate your employees

Automate award-giving for work milestones, holidays, birthdays or custom events to ensure every employee feels valued. Recognise top performers with on-the-spot rewards. Create a culture of continuous recognition with branded eCards designed just for your organisation and reward redemption options that ensure your people can always choose something memorable and personal to them. 

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Join more than 1,900 other companies who have chosen Reward Gateway as their perks company of choice, including:

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